A Great NEW Puzzle Game for iPhone & iPad! Monsters In My Room!
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[MobilePRwire.com] Denver, COLORADO -  Monsters In My Room is LIVE! Are you ready for the most addictive and exciting puzzle challenge on your iPhone? Great. Then get ready because... They\'re Here! In Your Room!Help KaiKai and his friends sneak out of their crowded room as the tired monsters doze all around you...but be QUIET!

Yes Monsters In My Room is now finally LIVE!

The newest hit puzzle game from puzzle game developers Trifez Studios is ready for your iPhone, iPad, iPod and soon your android device.

The guys at Trifez love puzzle games so for their premier game they created a fun and challenging iOS app that allows you to challenge yourself (and your family and friends) to see how clever you are by rescuing KaiKai (our hero) and his family and friends and other crazy characters from the 'Monsters In His Room!'.

With over 2000 puzzles cleverly designed over 3 cool game modes, Monsters In My Room is not a short or boring quick app, it has long term value, real challenge and a cool, cartoony style that is totally unique to trifez Studios.

This is a game that players have loved during testing. With many people getting quickly addicted to trying to complete 'just one more room!'.

Grab Monsters In My room today and challenge yourself and your friends, but beware, this is a game that can take up a lot of your time...or simply be the perfect 'pick up and play' game app that will enjoyable kill those boring moments on your daily commute or other such 'dead time'!

Get your clever hat on and save some funky characters from 'The Monsters In My Room'.

"A great game and a truly addictive challenge. real value for any fan of puzzle games."

"Want an app that will give you a real challenge and more replay value than 99% of the games out there? You have to get Monsters In My Room. Simple."

And here's The App Store description for you!

Monsters In My Room (iPhone / iPod / iPad)

They're Here! In Your Room!

Help KaiKai and his friends sneak out of their crowded room as the tired monsters doze all around you...be quiet!

Move the lazy monsters and clear a path to the exit, but don't forget to take their bag of bones with you to dump in the 'Bonecrusher' and transform into gold coins to purchase new and exciting game characters.

Over 1000 testing, challenging rooms to conquer a well as 500 Chill Out rooms to casually enjoy and 500 Puzzles for the 'Color Picker Mode' where you can play as simple colored blocks if you fancy something different (But VERY challenging!)

Complete more levels in Escape Mode to unlock the Hidden Rooms like 'Swamp Room' 'Hot Room' & 'Ice Room' as well as hidden characters like The World's Best Mummy, The World's Best Daddy & The baseball bat wielding Eugene!!!

So challenge yourself, your friends and your family to escape the Monsters In Your Room and prove your worth in guiding these lovable characters to confuse the monsters and escape!

Skill Levels For All The Family!

Want To Practice?

Ready For A Challenge & To Earn Some Coins?
Get going on ESCAPE MODE!

Think You Can Handle Something REALLY Hard? (Are you sure?)

Get ready to escape...but you're going to need to be smart!

Get it now on The App Store!

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Trifez Studios was formed by two Brothers, who have had a long standing passion for puzzle games.

We create unique and challenging puzzle game apps for iPhone, iPod, iPad and Android.

Our flagship game is Monsters In My Room' - one of the iPhone's most challenging and unique puzzle games.

We make games, giggle, laugh a lot, then make another.

Trifez is located in Colorado USA and sometimes goes walkabout all over the world.


Developer CEO

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