After Trying 10 Similar Apps I decided to Use BuddyCalc
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[] Brussels, Belgium -  BuddyCalc PRO V1.3 has been released and to celebrate Easter this year the iPhone/iPad App is on offer for only $0.99 instead of the regular $2.99 between March 25 and April 9. BuddyCalc handles cost sharing events, keeps track of expenses and makes dividing up costs between your friends easy! BuddyCalc has received many good reviews from travelers around the world. One of our customers wrote: "Congratulations with your App! After trying out almost 10 similar Apps I decided to use Buddycalc"

What is BuddyCalc?

BuddyCalc is designed for iPod, iPhone and iPad. BuddyCalc handles cost sharing events, keeps track of expenses and makes dividing up costs between your friends easy! One of the unique features of BuddyCalc PRO is that it allows you sync your ‘events’ to your personal account on the website. BuddyCalc is designed for friends sharing costs at events, dinners, nights out or during long or short trips, as well as business travellers, be it alone or with others. In addition, it’s a handy tool to keep track of your travel expenses and to analyze your expenses using Excel after you have “sync-ed” the events to your PC/Mac.

BuddyCalc FREE vs. BuddyCalc PRO

With BuddyCalc FREE, you can become familiar with the look and feel of BuddyCalc at zero cost*. Exceptionally, between March 25 and April 9, 2012, BuddyCalc PRO (normal price $2.99) will be offered at a 67% discount for only $0.99. This offer is only valid during this promotion!

Also, if you participate in our CONTEST during this promotion you can win prizes ranging from $25.00 to $5.00! For more details and information on how to participate use the link further down or visit our website!

With its increased functionality versus BuddyCalc FREE, BuddyCalc PRO allows you to:
• Create your own cost categories: by name or company cost item • Use online or manual exchange rates in your Multi-Currency event
• Use the App in English, Spanish, French, German or Dutch • Allocate cost items to one or more individuals instead of sharing by all
• Import data in Excel for further processing
• Join & leave events later/earlier
• Store up to 99 events in your mobile device
• Synchronize events to your personal web account
• Store and archive events on your personal web account
• Send event data by e-mail directly from the App

Seize the opportunity, SAVE $2.00 and download BuddyCalc PRO today!

* Please note that events cannot be transferred between the FREE and PRO version.

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BuddyCalc is a joint development by ICE Europe and Soft Precision. Both companies are based in Belgium and specialize in mobile web applications. ICE Europe and Soft Precision have been active in e-media business development for over 10 years and in 2010 decided to join forces and start developing mobile applications together. By leveraging on the experience and capabilities brought to this partnership by both companies our goal is to bring exciting new products to the market!


Arthur Visser
MD/ Owner at ICE Europe

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