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New Android App Keeps Top Athletes on Schedule

Jun 06, 2011 - The new app 'Suppa Time' schedules an athlete's exercise, meals and supplements. When it comes to nutrition, timing is everything. Having the proper scheduling allows athletes to get the most out of their supplements, exercise and nutrition plan.

Karaoke4English: A great new way to learn English on Android Smartphones

May 26, 2011 - Swedish based Brainglass has today announced the release of the Karaoke4English Audiobook Reader onto the Android Market. This dynamic language learning application was created to give beginner-level English learners a platform through which they can expand their understanding of the language to a point where they can read it for the value of its content.

Mi Phone Book 1.1 released for iPhone

May 24, 2011 - Mi Phone Book works similarly to most popular social networks. Users manage their personal contact information through a contact profile. When you need to change your contact information, simply update your contact profile and save. Mi Phone Book automatically sends the people connected to your Mi Phone Book network.

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Sending A Press Release Easy & Intuitive
The process to submit a release was fairly easy. Often times, submitting releases to PR agencies can get cumbersome since each company has a particular process in which their submission process works, however, MobilePRWire made sending a press release intuitive, easy and within minutes.
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