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Episode 2 of Stargate SG-1: Unleashed is here!

Nov 08, 2013 - Episode 2 of Stargate SG-1: Unleashed is here! Join the original cast of Stargate SG-1 once again as they continue their struggle against Sekhmet and find out how this amazing interactive adventure unfolds.

•Voiced by the original TV cast members
•High quality 3D graphics with stunning 3D environments
•Amazing cinematics guide the player through the story
•Fight for survival in dynamic combat
•Follow this second episode through nine interactive chapters
•Amazing new cinematics

Rescube A New Puzzle Game by Gameshastra

Nov 12, 2012 - Gameshastra, India's largest gaming Services Company has recently released its first puzzle game based on a character, called ‘Rescube: Planet Escape’. The character is an alien from outer space called Gisu and he gets stuck on the planet Rescube while he is on his way to Earth. The planet is filled with cubes which move in a particular direction only and the player has to enact the role of Gisu's savior by moving these cubes and help him collect the missing pieces of his broken ship.

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Sending A Press Release Easy & Intuitive
The process to submit a release was fairly easy. Often times, submitting releases to PR agencies can get cumbersome since each company has a particular process in which their submission process works, however, MobilePRWire made sending a press release intuitive, easy and within minutes.
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