Android App Measures Zero to Sixty Times
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[] Helsinki, Finland -  GTR from Tempes measures acceleration times (0-60 mph, quarter mile and more) and top speed with high accuracy

Tempes has released GTR, the Android version of its GT series performance measurement apps. GTR uses the phone’s GPS and accelerometer to measure vehicle top speed and acceleration (0-60 mph and quarter mile, or 0-100 km/h and 0-400 m). The app acts as a speedometer and includes a navigation feature to guide the driver back to his car or hotel. GTR also shows basic GPS data.

The Symbian phone version (GTx) has been the premium performance measurement app for several years. It has been described as “extremely accurate” and “amazingly accurate” in car magazine tests. The new Android version (GTR) adds accelerometer support for even more accurate and reliable results.

“Our customers have long asked for an Android version of GT. Now GTR is ready and I hope it will be a valuable performance measurement tool for Android phone users”, said Matti Paakko, founder and CEO of Tempes.

With GTR anyone can easily and accurately measure the performance of his car, motorcycle or any other vehicle. The app detects acceleration start and end automatically and stores results to files. The user just needs to start GTR and go.

GTR is available in Google Play and GTx is available in Nokia Store.

Purchase on Google Play
Purchase on Nokia Store

Tempes has been the leading provider of performance measurement apps for mobile phones since 2005.


Matti Paakko

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Android App Measures Zero to Sixty Times

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Android App Measures Zero to Sixty Times

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Android App Measures Zero to Sixty Times

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