Android Cloud Files Unifier App updated
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[] London, UK -  The SMEStorage Android Cloud File Manager App was today updated with support for additional Clouds.

The SME Cloud File Manager Application was updated today adding support for more Clouds and adding new features. The App enables users to view and manage files from many different clouds, simultaneously, directly from an Android SmartPhone or Tablet.

New Clouds now supported include BaseCamp, iCloud, Office365 and Google Drive. The join the 30+ other Clouds that the App supports.

CEO Ian Osborne stated, "We continue to move forward with features on not only our Android Application but als our Linux desktop clients which support multiple Linux Operating Systems. Although the Android app is perfect for consumers who wish to unify the management of multiple file clouds, it is essential for our business customers who require us to support all major smartphone operating systems to fit in with their "Bring your own Device" policies. This enables companies to take advantage of the device management features that can be set in the SME SaaS or on-premise hybrid Cloud FIle Server."

Other features added to the application is the ability to copy and paste files between different clouds using the unique Cloud Clipboard. Users do not have to wait for the copy to be processed as this occurs server-side using the SME Cloud Platform task engine technology.

The Android SMEStorage Cloud FIle Manager is now available from Google Play.

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SMEStorage provide a hybrid cloud file server that can be used on Cloud or on premise and that features sophisticated desktop and mobile clients, and Cloud Governance and data federation features.


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Android Cloud Files Unifier App updated

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Android Cloud Files Unifier App updated

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Android Cloud Files Unifier App updated

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Android Cloud Files Unifier App updated

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Android Cloud Files Unifier App updated

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