Announcing My Sales Opportunities Version 1.5 for iPad
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[] Toronto, Ontario -  micro4C is proud to announce availability of My Sales Opportunities version 1.5 for Apple iPad, BlackBerry PlayBook and Android tablets. Exciting new features to make managing your sales funnel even easier and more effective.

My Sales Opportunities release 1.5 includes number of new features including:

Weighted Amounts
Weighted revenue and profit numbers are great indicators of the sales funnel quality. These numbers are calculated when corresponding forecasted amounts are multiplied with individual opportunity closing probability percent and summed up into the totals.

Sales Funnel Graph
Dashboard page now includes sales funnel graph. This graph shows potential sales and weighted totals for the upcoming months and serves as a great indicator of what you may be expecting to close within next 90 days.

Top Opportunities
One of the most requested features by our customers was to allow tracking of top opportunities. Top opportunities are the most significant and important opportunities to us. As we close them they provide the most significant contributions to our overall sales goals. Now tracking of Top Opportunities is as easy as a single tap on the star icon.

Opportunity Data Export
Many of our clients need to share data about their opportunities with other team members. To make this easier , opportunity data can now to be exported into a single HTML file. Your exported opportunity data is now ready to be emailed to your colleagues or managers.

Working with Tasks
To further improve working with the follow-up tasks, we have implemented filters for today's and week's activities. With this added feature you can better focus on executing things at hand.

To further visualize quality of your sales funnel we have introduced Charts. Charts are offering different views at your sales funnel for various time periods. In this version of My Sales Opportunities this is experimental feature. It is our intent to evolve it into complete sales reports section in the next release.

Customer Testimonial
Mr. Alan Borcic, Client Executive at SimpleIP, sees benefits of My Sales Opportunities 1.5 in this way:

"Graphical presentation of my sales pipeline for current month, quarter and next 6 months clearly helps me realize what my prospects of hitting sales targets are. New feature of tracking top opportunities is highly useful too. It helps me stay focused and proactive on winning my most lucrative deals."

About My Sales Opportunities
My Sales Opportunities software application is created for sales people. It provides them with their very own tool for managing open opportunities and closing more sales. My Sales Opportunities allows sales people to manage their opportunities, closed sales, key follow up tasks, notes, contacts and customers all in one place. Sales people who use My Sales Opportunities quite like its simplicity and usefulness.

For more information please visit:

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micro4C Inc. is focused on providing software solutions for enhancing sales persons’ productivity and effectiveness at work. micro4C's paramount is to develop software applications which deliver immediate benefits to their users. Simplicity, short learning curve and ease of use are our software application key design criteria.


Kim Moore
PR/Marketing Manager

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Announcing My Sales Opportunities Version 1.5 for iPad

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