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Super Maze 3D iPhone Game Now Free

Mar 09, 2012 - Jeff Sherk has announced that his game, Super Maze 3D Race Through Time Fun Game (SM3D), for the iOS platform has dropped it's price from $9.99 to FREE for a limited time.

Indie App Developer Attains #1 Education Ranking with Price Drop to F

Jul 30, 2011 - LEARN2MAKE LLC, a small indie iPhone developer based in Mesa, Arizona has achieved ranking success by offering its 2 apps free of charge this weekend only. The apps are Dollar Origami 3D and Balloon Animals 3D. Dollar Origami 3D has reached the coveted #1 Free App Position in the Education category on the App Store, proving that indie developers can still achieve success in a crowed app market. Balloon Animals 3D has reached as high as the #12 Free App Ranking, also in the Education category.

Get Free Apps Today With The Italiamac Giveaway

Jul 26, 2011 - The "Italiamac Giveaway" campaign has just been launched. The Italiamac community is giving away codes and coupons for free software via Twitter, with tweets during the day. Mac and iPhone users can download tens of free iPhone Apps and Mac programs each day through this initiative. Italiamac is the Number 1 Mac-related Community in Italy and it is the biggest Italian Apple-related news site.

Doodle Control Goes Free on the App Store for Limited Time

Jul 07, 2011 - MarsApp today is pleased to make its addictive flight control game, Doodle Control, free today. For this coming 3 days, anyone can download this funny and catchy game without cost. Doodle Control is an addictive flight air-plane control strategy game where players literally draw the flight path with their finger. Users guide their aircraft to the landing path, and avoid any collision with other planes. The game offers 3 airfields, with 3 easy, normal and hard levels.

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