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[] New York, New York -  With Artist Corner everyone can create characteristic works to show their taste, style and mood. You will realize that endless imagination comes creativity.Provide a variety of ways for parents and children to join in on the fun.

Today, Xidasoft announced the release of their newest app for iOS, entitled Artist Corner, a fun-filled digital canvas that empowers kids to create masterpieces with a realistic look and feeling. The interactive drawing and coloring app is aimed mostly at young children, but provides a variety of ways for parents to join in on the fun. Children can choose to draw their own pictures, using pencils, paintbrushes, markers, and pens of all different colors, or they can use these tools to color pages from Artist Corner digital coloring book. Children can also have fun coloring various masks, designed to look like different animals, and then print them out and wear their creations around the house.

Parents can use the “My Corner” feature to explore their children’s past work, which is automatically saved upon completion. Parents can also browse
the “Online Gallery” with their children, where they can see the works of their friends and family. The “Online Gallery” even allows users to comment and “like” others’ work, meaning parents can show off their children’s talents to anyone else logged in to the system.

Sean Lee, CEO of Xidasoft, said creating an app to bring parents and children together was the main inspiration behind Artist Corner. “Children are always playing on their parents’ iPads all the time in airports, subways, and buses,” he said, “but parents never works with the children. We wanted to change that.” With a focus on encouraging creativity and working together, Lee and his team at Xidasoft designed Artist corner to be easy enough for a child to use, but deep enough in features to ensure that parents would want to join in. Whether it is simply printing off their child’s work and putting on the fridge, or helping their child to make a custom animal mask, Artist Corner App for iPad is meant to get the parent involved.

And, with the online integration, Artist Corner allows parents to share and admire their children’s work with friends and family, as well as take a peek at what the neighbor’s children are creating. “Artist Corner wanted to make an online community that fostered respect for art, while allowing people to connect and share what they felt about their friends’ works,” Lee said. “And with the online integration of the Artists’ Gallery, I think we achieved just that.”

Xidasoft developers also were reportedly concerned about their app becoming boring to children. Lee explained the problem: “If the child colors all the pictures and makes all the masks, what will he or she want to do next?” So, Lee said, they decided to create an online store where new pages and masks, and other work possibilities that Xidasoft is currently developing, would constantly be added and updated. “If children use the app, and like it, and want more, then we’ll be happy to give it to them,” Lee said emphatically.

Artist Corner is being released today, so interested parents and children can head over to, or the iTunes App Store, to download a copy of the App.

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Xidasoft is a company composed of Mac users creating Mac apps for the good of the Mac Community. Xidasoft has continually been producing quality applications for Mac OS and is currently working on increasing their scope to include iOS, as well.


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