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[] New York, New York -  Network Panda announces the release of BMI Calculator and Weight Tracker for Android, a free application which can be used by everyone who wants to start calculating and tracking their body mass index and weight every day.

The body mass index (BMI), or Quetelet index, is globally used algorithm for human body fat based on an individual's weight and height. It is a calculation made using two variables that are your weight and height. It involves a specific formula which is not always easy to remember.

This is where the BMI calculator comes handy and makes the process easy.

The application includes a personal diary which users can protect with username and password for their personal privacy. In this diary the users can regularly store their BMI and weight progress as often as they want. BMI Calculator and Weight Tracker then generates charts displaying the progress of their body mass index and weight.

The username and password feature allows not only to protect all diary entries but also to access them from other devices.

BMI Calculator and Weight Tracker also includes an easy to use calculator for finding users' ideal weight. By entering one's height and body frame the application calculates what their ideal weight is. Among other features of this application, users will find very useful the reminders. The application will create a silent text reminder, so the users remember to track their BMI and weight every day. This option is by default turned on and it is recommended for everyone who wants to keep their weight and body mass index under control by recording it every day.

* BMI Calculation can be completed in 2 seconds
* Weight can be entered in kilograms or pounds
* Height can be entered in centimeters or inches
* Height is remembered, so you don't need to enter it every time
* Results are displayed as BMI units and as body category (underweight, normal, overweight or obese)
* By pressing one button the result can be added to your personal diary
* The username and password feature protects your personal diary data and allows you to access your stored data if you change device
* Ideal weight calculator included
* Reminder for tracking your BMI and weight and never forget it

Device Requirements:
* Device: Any smartphone with Android 2.2 or newer version (fully compatible with Android 4.0 and 4.1)
* Size: 61 KB

Pricing and Availability:
BMI Calculator+ and Weight Tracker 2.0 is free without any limitation and does not require any additional purchases for unlocking new features.

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