Biber Garden for Android - An Exciting Adventure with Little Beaver
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[] Krasnoyarsk, Russia -  Squbo today introduces Biber Garden 1.0 for Android, their new educational geometric puzzle designed for children. An absorbing gameplay of Biber Garden lets the child to learn the geometric shapes and their propeties unwittingly, and find out many interesting facts about wild nature. This app is the perfect solution for parents, looking for fresh educational games.

Squbo today is pleased to introduce Biber Garden 1.0 for Android, their new geometric puzzle created for children. A captivating gameplay of Biber Garden lets the child to learn the geometric shapes and their propeties unwittingly, and find out many interesting facts about life of beavers. An exciting plot of the app makes for discovering the basis of geometry and simple shapes, developing spatial thinking and imagination in easy and cheerfull way. Cute little beaver teaches the child to appriciate the friendship and importance of help. Biber Garden is the perfect choice for parents, looking for cool brain game for their children.

The main character of the game is little beaver Boris. Boris is amasing chatterbox and good friend. He is going to settle on the riverside and needs the gamer´s assistance in building the house. To help Boris, the user should compile suggested images from the seven simple geometric shapes. All the shapes must be used for each image. Users can move and rotate the shapes on the screen in order they exactly fit the contour of the image. When the task is compleated, the image blends green. The goal of the game is to build all the objects.

There are 6 levels of complexity with 9 figures for compiling on each. While playing, Boris cheers up the child and tells funny stories. Children will learn what the dam and lodge are, how do the beavers build their houses and store supplies up for winter. The "Beavers Encyclopedia", located in the "Information" section, that contains a good deal of exciting facts about beavers. For brain training lovers everywhere, this puzzle which turns the education into exciting adventure is the ideal way to enjoy with profit.

Feature Highlights:
- Cartoon speaking main character
- Serene nature sounds background
- Encyclopedia, containing information about beavers´ way of life

Pricing and Availability:
Biber Garden 1.0 is $0.99 (USD) and available worldwide through the Android Market in the Game category. The first level is available for free.

Full version
Free version
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About the company:
Squbo is Java and Android games developer. Products released so far include EverydayWars, Phantoms, Super Electronica MIX, Brave Plumber, Elections, Biber Garden.


Yana Spetsius

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