Burn The Rope WORLDS launched on Android
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[MobilePRwire.com] London, ON -  Big Blue Bubble Inc. announced today that Burn the Rope Worlds, the latest addition to the smash hit game Burn the Rope, with over 7 million downloads, is now available for FREE at the Android Market.

Burn the Rope: Worlds follows in the footsteps of the original game with 100 brand-new levels, four different themed worlds including Jungle, Mechanical, Fantasy and Space; and an exciting brand new mini-game called Endless Burn.

Like the original Burn the Rope, the goal is to burn as much rope as possible without letting the flames burn out. Flames only burn upwards and the phone must be rotated in order to keep the flames going. Along the way different types of bugs crawling along the rope can help or hinder players as they try to solve each puzzle.

Burn the Rope: Worlds’ Endless Burn is a brand new mini-game where the player tries to collect as many bugs as possible -- the catch is that as the player collects bugs their flame trail gets longer, and if they run into the flame trail the round is over! Endless Burn features 3 different levels of difficulty and can be played using different types flames so players of all skill levels can share in the fun.


• 100 brand new levels!
• Four new Worlds!
• Incredibly fun new mini game Endless Burn!
• Easy to learn, hard to master!
• Fun for the whole family!

Burn the Rope Worlds runs on devices with Android 1.6 and up. Be one of the first to experience this latest edition!

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About Big Blue Bubble:
With over 80 high profile games in its portfolio, Big Blue Bubble Inc. is one of Canada's leading video game developers. Big Blue Bubble is dedicated to making the best possible games by combining innovative designers with top caliber artists and industry leading programmers. By maintaining a strong focus on the development of technology and showcasing it through award winning games, Big Blue Bubble will continue to lead the way in becoming a cornerstone of the gaming world.

For more information on Big Blue Bubble and its ongoing projects, please visit www.bigbluebubble.com.


Amanda Thorpe

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Burn The Rope WORLDS launched on Android

Posted November 08,2011 at 19:01 on iPad News Tracker

Burn The Rope WORLDS launched on Android

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Burn The Rope WORLDS launched on Android

Posted November 08,2011 at 19:00 on Android AppDictions - Android App Reviews, App Marketing, News, & Updates

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