Call Reminder Notes Lite Launched on Android Market
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[] Cluj Napoca, Romania -  This week, Finmouse launched the Lite Version of their Top 100 Business App, Call Reminder Notes. Reviewed by PCMag, MakeTechEasier, BerryReview, AndroidZoom, Call Reminder Notes is considered a must have tool for people working in Sales, Finance, Real Estate, Business Development, Insurance, Customer Support.

“We wanted to provide a way for Android users to try out the app. The lite version allows people to explore the main features of the app before purchasing the full version” Andrei Kovacs, managing director of Finmouse explained today.

The Lite Version of Call Reminder Notes provides the main features of the app with limitations to editing Reminder Notes and using Pro Features: assigning a Callback Alarm, creating Google Tasks, Calendar Events and Sticky Notes.

Android users will have an unlimited number of Reminder Notes, which they can assign to their Phone Contacts. Pro features can be found in Call Reminder Notes Full Version.

Call Reminder Notes, is an easy to use and intuitive cross-platform mobile app that shows reminders during call, allowing Users to create a Reminder Note and Assign it to one or more Phone Contacts. The Reminder Note will be shown on the screen during incoming or outgoing calls for the Contact.

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Finmouse is a software development and outsourcing company focused on mobile applications and games for Android, iOS and other platforms.

Canadian/Romanian entrepreneur Andrei Kovacs created Finmouse with the vision of developing mobile apps and games which combine the creativity of an indie company with the highest level of professionalism and business expertise.


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Call Reminder Notes Lite Launched on Android Market

Posted February 17,2012 at 3:55 on The News Channel

Call Reminder Notes Lite Launched on Android Market

Posted February 15,2012 at 23:00 on Android AppDictions | Best Android Apps | Android App Reviews

Call Reminder Notes Lite Launched on Android Market

Posted February 15,2012 at 23:00 on AppDictions | Best iPhone Apps | Best iPad Apps | iOS App Reviews

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