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[] Germany -  Call Sweetheart is a brand new android app which will connect to a chosen phone number immediately. One will be able to get in touch with the loved one straight away by the single touch of a finger. Its bright red illuminated heart shaped button can be placed in the start up menu and will lend the chosen phone number a totally different meaning.

Call Sweetheart supplies hearts in three different sizes (S, M, and L) using widgets. Its eye catching design triggers attention on the spot and hearts can be named individually if preferred, as for example with the name of the chosen loved one. By that the user shows respect and devotion for the cherished one who’s name is now standing out above all on the display. A gesture that will certainly satisfy proud owners of the heart button.

There is hardly a better way to show one’s high regard to the loved one, in particular in today‘s digital world. At the same time the quick and easy accessible love-icon surely inspires to a sweet phone call or an endearing text message. This will certainly go down very well, no matter if a ‘I am thinking of you’ text being received in a meeting or a ‘Will I see you tonight’ call made while prepping for an all important exam.

Call Sweetheart is simple and easy to use: Download the app to your mobile and put in your dearest phone number. It can be changed any time if wanted. Do pick your heart, key in the number of your loved one - you are done! What is left is to decide what function you prefer as standard- calling or texting. Or if you prefer to decide on the spot each time. Key in your preference and off you are!

The app is available in seven languages for 0,79 €:
German, dutch, english, french, italian, russian and spanish.

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Stolz+Schön is located in Düsseldorf, Germany. CEO and designer Pat Gansfort has been creating apps since the app store opened and will continue to focus on the android segment.


Pat Gansfort

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