Change Is Coming iPhone App Creates A Stir
Virginia,  December 6th 2011, in  iPhone App News,   

[] Vienna, Virginia -  The new innovative iPhone app is creating a stir for those who love statistics and for people who care about the United States progress!

There is a new iphone app from MP5 Systems that is growing increasingly popular and creating a stir among strategists who believe in the Obama Administrations promises for change. The application is available in the itunes app store for just .99 cents.

"Change Is Coming" is a Countdown to January 20, 2013 at twelve o’clock noon when Barack Obama will be voted out of office or start his second term as President of the United States of America. The interesting iphone app is providing relevant information regarding real time National Public Debt amount figures and Obama’s real time approval rating. The innovative app also follows and provides up to the second National Unemployment figures as well as the average national costs of gasoline per gallon.

Many followers and users of the innovative iphone app are finding the information useful and appreciate the feature that includes the National housing price index.

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MP5 Systems is an new and innovative company that utilizes Titanium by Appcelerator to produce high quality and engaging applications.


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Change Is Coming iPhone App Creates A Stir

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Change Is Coming iPhone App Creates A Stir

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Change Is Coming iPhone App Creates A Stir

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