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[] United Kingdom -  CoolNote is a note taking App for Android with a unique twist - the notes are ultra-realistic and appear right on your home screen, so you can read them without even having to launch an app. Downloadable backgrounds and fonts are supported offering the ultimate in customisation. CoolNote is a simple, instant, useful, fantastic looking and well-polished app - it's what your Android handset has been waiting for!


Using CoolNote is childs play. The polished interface means it's always immediately clear what do do next, right from adding it to your home screen through to customising its look and feel exactly to your liking.

Start off by creating a single note with a few taps and your phone already has the bonus of being a handy reminder gadget which is always with you. Dig a little deeper - if you choose to - and you'll soon find the more advanced features such as multiple notes and downloads are just as straightforward when you use them.


There are a few note apps for Android out now. To use them you find their icon, tap it, find the note you want and tap that to read it. CoolNote just removed those 4 steps - it really is that different. Since the notes are directly on your home screen you can read them without tapping anything. Say you're in a supermarket - you just want to pull out your handset for a quick glance, not fiddle about finding the right app.

Your notes are as instant as if you really had stuck a memo pad on your handset!


CoolNotes usefulness comes from eliminating the need for having to think about how to use it. Whilst managing to look fantastic on your handset it also gets out of the way between you having a note idea and saving it.

Everything is designed to mimic as close as possible the way real notes are taken, right down to their physical appearance.

And as if that's not enough, the downloadable backgrounds and fonts mean your notes will always look really cool indeed!

CoolNote has been developed and managed by OTAMate Technology Ltd ( ).

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