Crazy Squirrels an Awesome FREE Maze Game
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[] Lutz, FL -  Crazy Squirrels is very entertaining 3D multiplayer maze game for the iPhone & iPad. Play against people all over the world as you race to the finish line in this truly unique gameplay experience! Best of all it FREE! Download it today.

You start off with one squirrel character, but soon after you start playing and start gathering nuts you will have a complete arsenal at your disposal. Not only are you racing LIVE players to the end of the maze, but during the race you are also collecting different type of nuts during the game.

The maps are RANDOMLY generated everytime you play, so you will never play the same maze twice.

Play in single player mode and get good with the game, then head over to multiplayer to take on live people head-to-head through Gamecenter.

Crazy Squirrels is…

- Retina Ready
- Universal Play for iPhone, iPad & iTouch
- STUNNING 3D graphics
- Five Multiple characters
- Backpack and Jacket Accessories
- Earn or Buy Coins to Unlock all Levels
- Multiplayer using Game Center
- Special Action Walnut Earns you 25 Acorns
- Special Action Peanut Earns you 20 Seconds of Fast Running

FREE Maze Squirrel Game

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Dale Castaldi

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Crazy Squirrels an Awesome FREE Maze Game

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Crazy Squirrels an Awesome FREE Maze Game

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Crazy Squirrels an Awesome FREE Maze Game

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Crazy Squirrels an Awesome FREE Maze Game

Posted April 06,2012 at 19:00 on AppDictions | Best iPhone Apps | Best iPad Apps | iOS App Reviews

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