DELITAPE - Retro Wave hits iPhone big time!
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[] Leipzig, Deutschland -  More than 150.000 iPhone users went retro in the last 2 days and catapulted the music app "Delitape - Deluxe Cassette Player" to the number 1 spot of all apps in the AppStores of Spain, Brasil, Russia, Portugal and Poland. It is also the current number 1 music app in 21 countries world-wide including Germany, UK, France, Italy, Japan and China.

"Delitape being the most successful iPhone app in 5 countries is very exciting and we want to thank the community by extending our '100% discount' promotion for a few days. We are thrilled by the world-wide average 4.8 star user rating. It clearly shows that smartphone users around the world simply love our retro style. Stay tuned for the next update, we still have a lot of retrofication in the pipeline!" said Daniel Held, Co-Founder of Umbrella Software.

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Umbrella Software is a startup company based in Leipzig, Germany to publish apps for mobile devices. Co-Founded by Daniel Held who has many years of management experience at the automotive and IT industry in Silicon Valley, NYC and Germany. Umbrella Software delivers handcrafted apps from the finest bits and bytes! We are dedicated to introduce exciting and innovative titles for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.


Daniel Held

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DELITAPE - Retro Wave hits iPhone big time!

Posted May 31,2012 at 11:27 on The News Channel

DELITAPE - Retro Wave hits iPhone big time!

Posted May 24,2012 at 18:32 on Android AppDictions | Best Android Apps | Android App Reviews

DELITAPE - Retro Wave hits iPhone big time!

Posted May 24,2012 at 18:30 on AppDictions

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