DM Applications Fun New Puzzle Game, “Joey’s Quest” Is Now Free!
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[] The Woodlands, Texas -  DM Applications, a game development company based in The Woodlands Texas, and started in 2011, has launched a very fun and clever puzzle game titled “Joey’s Quest”. The game will amuse both children and adults with its many challenges up through 30 levels. The game is free as of August 7, 2012.

The company created Joey’s Quest based on maze code that they had, and rewrote the code to make it more fun. The idea developed that kangaroos were cute and were thought that they would have broad appeal to a wide range of audiences.

The story line for Joey’s Quest goes something like this, “Little Joey has wandered away from Mama! He’s gone to collect gold for her but now you need to help him get home! But watch out for the bad guys! Along the way, Joey could run into any of these creatures: a wonambi, dingos, a thylacine, marsupial lion, mean cats, wedge-tailed eagle, a crocodile or a big bad kangaroo complete with boxing gloves who could knock him out and steal his nuggets! And then there is the really bad monkey! Just as Joey’s about to get a nugget, the monkey throws them somewhere else! Good grief!

So use the joystick to help Joey get safely home to Mama with lots of gold nuggets and bars!”

Here is what one user says about Joey’s Quest, "I have to say that your game is possibly the best maze game I have seen! I am very impressed, the joystick, the graphics, I really think this is the most unique maze style game yet..." Tristan Lewis

There are 3 level packs in Joey's Quest, with each pack containing 10 levels, so there are 30 levels in all. Each level takes about 2 minutes long to play, which is perfect when you have a few brief moments to spare, but don’t want to be bored. The game is available on I-phone, I-pad, and I-pod touch only at this time, but the company plans to port the application to the Android platform in the future.

Don’t delay having fun any longer, go and download the latest version!

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DM Applications LLC is an independent game development company located in The Woodlands, Texas. Launched in 2011 by owners Michael and Jana Mapps, the goal of DM Applications LLC is to provide hours of fun games for all ages and useful applications in various sectors. If you have an idea for a game or application you’d like to see come to life, please email them at! To learn more about DM Applications please visit their website:


Jana Mapps

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