Data Scanner Now Available on Google Play
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[] Springfield, MA -  Data Scanner allows users to scan bar codes and then process the information on their device or on a Microsoft Windows computer. Data Scanner is ideal for businesses looking for a barcode scanning solution.

Data Scanner is an Android bar code scanner application. It is different from other Android scanners in that it allows users to scan any bar code and then process the scans themselves using custom software. This allows users (businesses in particular) to process their own custom bar codes.

Data Scanner is developed by Pine Point Mobile Solutions. It is a customizable bar code scanner for businesses who need their own bar code scanning solution. It provides this solution at a fraction of the cost of stand alone hand scanners. It also allows developers to create third party .NET and Android applications to process the data stored in the scanner database. Android and Windows developers can visit the Pine Point Mobile Solutions website for more information on Android and Windows development for Data Scanner. Data Scanner is available right now on the Android Market.

“Data Scanner is ideal for organizations looking for a custom bar code scanning solution”, says Pine Point Mobile Solutions owner Philip Foster. “Generally, they would need to spend more than one hundred dollars on each bar code scanning device. Now, with a little development and an Android device, organizations can have their own custom bar code scanner for a tiny fraction of that cost.”

Data Scanner is available on the Android Market for $2.99. Developers should visit the Pine Point Mobile Solutions website for details on developing against Data Scanner for Android and .NET.

Pine Point Mobile Solutions
Pine Point Mobile Solutions Press Room

Pine Point Mobile Solutions is a startup company started in 2012. We are devoted to developing applications for the Android platform. Data Scanner is Pine Point Mobile’s first application. In the future we will be releasing additional applications for businesses and individuals.


Philip Foster
Owner/Lead Developer

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Data Scanner Now Available on Google Play

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Data Scanner Now Available on Google Play

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Data Scanner Now Available on Google Play

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