Dogfight a Multiplayer Airplane Combat Simulator for Android
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[] Madrid, Spain -  Recreating World War I has never been so exciting! Echoboom has just released a flight simulator that allows you to play online massive airplane combats or enjoy flying solo all the way up to full-blown dogfights against enemy planes.

Dogfight, a multiplayer airplane combat simulator is out!

Have you ever fantasised about slipping into the skin of a WWI fighter pilot? If this is the case—rejoice because the fighter plane simulator Dogfight promises action galore in the multiplayer mode. With over a million downloads, this little game developed by a single person is quickly becoming one favorite on Android and iOS markets.

As far as the game's design and overall flavour goes, it's obvious that the developers invested a lot of time and thought into making it a really authentic WWI experience. Clouds, rain, snow and more are a nice addition to the atmosphere. They also made the effort to include dynamic elemets that change as you play.

Take down enemy air crafts using machine guns and ultimately destroy the enemy camp using heavy artillery such as bombs. Another goal is to keep your own camp safe. This involves team work, and you can communicate with your comrades via chat in order to determine who stands guard at the camp and who goes out on the prowl. This is where multi-tasking comes into play, because you will have to confer with your team mates whilst simultaneously defending your base or conducting bomb raids—not unlike what real fighter pilots must experience.

The tilt controls work really well, even when you're typing out a message to your fellow fighter pilots, and luckily the chat window only takes up a relatively small portion of the display.

Having said that, we don't recommend typing out messages right in the heat of the moment—you're better off waiting till you're in the clear, preferably coasting along without interruptions.

Dogfight has a lot of things going for it. It's a fun reto-flight simulator, both exciting and addicting. Check it out at its own website and join the community of thousands of Dogfight pilots at

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Dogfight a Multiplayer Airplane Combat Simulator for Android

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Dogfight a Multiplayer Airplane Combat Simulator for Android

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Dogfight a Multiplayer Airplane Combat Simulator for Android

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