Eye Breaker - A New Face Detection Game
Slovenia,  August 8th 2012, in  All App News,   

[MobilePRwire.com] Nova Gorica, Slovenia -  A small company Neptun Digital has recently released its first iPhone game on the App Store. The game is called Eye Breaker and it is a remake of the well known arcade game Breakout with one big difference though. The game is played by moving your face. Thats right, you dont need your hands to play this game. The idea is similar to Kinect, but now for the first time similar exciting features are brought to the iPhone.

Eye Breaker is the first arcade game using just the movement of your face to fully control the game play. NO HANDS are needed to play the game. Just turn your face gently left or right to control the paddle.

Your goal is to hit the bouncing ball with the paddle just by the movement of your face - FACE CONTROL. Avoid missing the ball and colllect all three stars for each level. Use the detection screen before each level to properly postiton your face. Check the bottom indicator during the game for proper face detection and face position. Enjoy 60 levels of pure fun without ever touching the screen.

- Front camera face detection
- Dual control mode (face control / touch control)
- Detection Screen before each level
- Detection Indicator on bottom of every level
- 60 levels of pure fun: 4 stages / 15 levels each
- 3 lives per level
- Collect all three stars for each level
- 5 types of bricks
- TNT explosions
- 4 beautiful backgrounds
- Special sound FX and joyful background music

- Turn your face slowly left or right to control the paddle (avoid sudden or rapid moves)
- Use the Test Detection Screen for proper positioning before you start each level
- Check the bottom indicator for proper face detection and position during gameplay:
---> face present = GOOD detection
---> face blinking = BAD detection
---> face NOT present = NO detection
- Play in bright spaces
- Avoid rear light
- Hold your device as steady as possible
- Place your device (iPhone, iPad) parallel to your face
- WARNING: If you experience problems with detection change your position of play!!!

iTunes Direct Link
YouTube Video

Neptun Digital is a small company based in Slovenia, Europe. Its main area of business is digital signage with the focus on computer vision based digital advertising. The knowledge acquired in the field of computer vision based on face detection technology has brought the company to start developing apps for the iPhone. Eye Breaker is just the first of a range of apps Neptun Digital is planning to develope in the near future.



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