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[] Latvia -  Being fit doesn’t necessarily demand hours of sweating in the gym. Start with these simple exercises developed in family of a professional physiotherapist and feel the difference.

Anyone knows that being fit is related to our muscles. But – which ones and why? Actually, we are using our major muscles (movers) in our everyday activities and in the most part of general workout routines. But we shouldn’t forget about the stabilizers (stabilizing muscles). Trained stabilizing muscles improve the balance, coordination and overall sense of well-being and strength. Family Fitness introduces set of basic exercises to train and develop the stabilizing muscles without any special equipment and really without leaving your home!
This fitness app is created by a family of a healthcare professional, a programmer and their two sons. Mom being a physiotherapist has selected an effective set of simple and fun exercises suitable both for kids and adults. Dad being a programmer has crafted the set into a well-designed and easy to use graphic interface. Practicing the Family Fitness together with our sons makes a fun part of our leisure time while helping stay fit and healthy.


- Based on physiotherapist’s professional experience
- Practiced on a daily basis in a real family environment
- Suitable for children and adults
- Develop balance, coordination and stability


- Simple graphics
- Easy to use interface
– Retina graphics

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I was graphic designer and programmer. When App Store comes live I start to develop for iPhone. First with simple games for my little boy. One of my free games - 'Farm Flip - Memory Match for Kids" – more than 70 000 downloads.
My wife is professional physiotherapist. Together we decide to make fitness app with easy exercises for entire family.


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