Family-Made Game Reaches Number One
Australia,  October 2nd 2012, in  All App News,   

[] Noosaville, Australia -  Family-based studio Disparity Games’ first game has reached number one on the Australian iPad charts. “Run Fatty Run” spent a week in Australia’s top ten, reaching the number one spot on iPad paid apps and the number three for paid games on iPhone.

The whole family had an active part in development and are thrilled with the game’s success. Veteran game developers Jason and Nicole Stark worked on the game full time while their eldest daughter, Alia, was responsible for the game concept, their second daughter, Raven created the comic art and their two youngest girls helped out on game testing.

The family are big fans of their game-making lifestyle. “It can be a bit weird knowing that my artwork is being seen by thousands of people” says Raven, “But It’s awesome to know so many people are enjoying it”. Alia agrees, “I’m full-time studying Psychology but I love being able to design games in my spare time that people play and enjoy. I’m just hoping my future employers don’t mind hiring a psychologist who made a game about overweight people being eaten by tigers!”

The Starks are keen to start on their next games project, “Ninja Pizza Girl”. Set in an over-urbanised near-future where the only form of reliable pizza delivery is underpaid teenage ninjas, “Ninja Pizza Girl” is an action platform game loosely based on Alia’s real-life experiences as a Pizza delivery girl.
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About Run Fatty Run

Run Fatty Run is frantic arcade action on iOS and Android that pits one overweight man against government Health Care gone mad. Players guide the main character, Bert through an urban landscape of hills, obstacles, tough old ladies and their most relentless enemy – food. Bert must run, smash and roll his way home as he defies the government’s best intentions.

Run Fatty Run features 36 courses of scaling difficulty, a main character of varying body size, multiple game endings and unlockable comics revealing the origins of the obesity solution.

About Disparity Games

Disparity Games was founded in 2011 by married games-industry veterans Jason and Nicole Stark. Based in the heart of paradise, (Noosa, Australia), their family-based company combines their decades of experience making games with the varied skills of their four daughters.


Jason Stark
+617 422 444949

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Family-Made Game Reaches Number One

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Family-Made Game Reaches Number One

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Family-Made Game Reaches Number One

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