Finally An App That Creates Real Value For Neighborhoods
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[] Chennai, India -  RADII – Connect with your Neighborhood is a social app that helps people in a neighborhood communicate easily. Great nations are built by strong neighborhoods, and communication is key in bringing people in a neighborhood together.

It’s hard to exaggerate just how exciting the new RADII for Android is, and how it can make a big impact on one’s daily life. Yet the RADII mission – to connect people in a neighborhood and meet their mutual needs – is rooted in simplicity and real relationships. Users can sign in, check for a local broadcast or post their own updates about sharing car pools, bartering for music lessons or minor home repairs, or buying vegetables from a local grower. The sky’s the limit with this unique tool for bringing a neighborhood together.

“What we’ve delivered with RADII is a meaningful social tool that creates value in real life,” said Daya Shankar, a spokesman for RADII. “Users define the geographic sphere in which they seek a new friend for yoga class, or a shared ride to the airport, and connect with like-minded people. RADII isn’t about virtual connections. It’s designed to help create opportunities, and to erase the barriers between neighbors.”

With RADII, members living in the same community find that when it comes to meeting their needs and meeting the people who share their solutions, those answers are closer than they think – and the communication options available through RADII have a real social and economic impact. RADII offers both a broadcast option for one-on-one exchanges, and a group option to help users crowdsource their questions.


* Elegant, responsive design offers a seamless user experience
* Easy-to-use settings make it a snap to reach out to your neighborhood.
* Broadcast messages, categories and connections build real relationships
* App advances sustainable lifestyles, local economies with a single touch

Pricing and Availability:

RADII is currently available for Free and available at Google play store in the social category.

Device Requirements:

* Size: 4.9M
* OS Requirement: Android 4.0 and up

App Website
Download from Google Play
App Demo Video


RADII LLC is focused on making an impact on the society by bringing to market socially relevant technologies and tools. The mobile app, RADII, and is designed for seamless communication within a neighborhood defined by radial distance alone.

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Finally An App That Creates Real Value For Neighborhoods

Posted October 22,2016 at 8:06 on The News Channel

Finally An App That Creates Real Value For Neighborhoods

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Finally An App That Creates Real Value For Neighborhoods

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