Funtom of the Opera is now available for FREE!
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[] Gan-Shmuel, Israel -  Get ready for one of the craziest and most addictive voice activated games to ever hit the iPhone. Funtom of the Opera puts you in control of a fuzzy blue creature that loves nothing more than to see bottles burst.

Use the sound of your voice to shout out the right tone and shatter your way through the levels. Break wine glasses, explode beer bottles, smash coffee mugs, burst eggs and even wreck smartphones and tablets along the way. But you’ll have to act fast because if the curtain drops before the objects break, the show’s over!

Clear the levels and you’re given the option to share your score with your Facebook friends to compete for the world’s golden voice. You should know that playing The Funtom of the Opera game in public may lead to awkward looks from strangers.

Funtom of the Opera boasts colorful graphics, intuitive game play and pure laughs, packed in 50+ levels, all for the cost of spare change. Get ready to warm up your vocal cords and download Funtom of the Opera for iPhone.

* Wacky Features
* Shout at the right pitch to shatter objects
* Hilarious levels
* Colorful graphics and intuitive gameplay
* Guaranteed to be hit at parties
* This game is pure laughs
* 50+ challenging levels
* Social sharing through Facebook

Pricing and Availability
Funtom of the Opera is $0.99 (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and is now available worldwide exclusively through the App Store.

FREE lite version is also available!!!

Get FREE version
Get FULL version
Funtom video review
Funtom website

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Funtom of the Opera is now available for FREE!

Posted August 31,2011 at 22:45 on iPad News Tracker

Funtom of the Opera is now available for FREE!

Posted August 31,2011 at 22:45 on iPhone & iPad AppDictions - App Reviews & App Marketing

Funtom of the Opera is now available for FREE!

Posted August 31,2011 at 22:45 on Android AppDictions - Android App Reviews, App Marketing, News, & Updates

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