Game Insight Announce Rule the Kingdom for Android
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[] Moscow, Russia -  Game Insight, a global leader in publishing mobile and social games, announces its newest game "Rule The Kingdom" for Android devices. To learn more visit

Rule The Kingdom is an engrossing hardcore role-playing game that combines the strategy and achievement of a traditional city-building game with the questing, crafting, and battles of modern role-playing games. Players take the mantle of a deposed lord or lady to defend and rebuild their humble domain. They can build a bustling village for their loyal subjects, who create a burgeoning economy by harvesting crops and other raw materials, and by crafting these raw materials using multiple recipes to create foodstuffs, weapons, armor, and other useful items.

But building a city is only the beginning of Rule the Kingdom's story. Players will also have an in-game avatar who can explore a humongous land filled with treasures, monsters, and other nations that seek alliances. Players will use their character to recruit one of six different troop types to accompany them as they tackle more than 1,000 quests across 12 campaigns that will require them to explore, fight powerful bosses, learn three different schools of devastating magical spells, and collect precious gems to upgrade slots in their weapons and armor.

Rule The Kingdom will offer hours of varied gameplay that combines city-building and resource management with true role-playing game-style questing and battles. This unique RPG experience will be free-to-play and will be available on Android devices in April 2012.

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About Game Insight
Founded in 2009, Game Insight is one of the leading social and mobile gaming studios in Russia, with strong representation globally. Game Insight's portfolio includes games on Android, iOS, social, Web, and HTML 5. The studio is committed to creating free-to-play games on these platforms of the utmost quality. Find more information on Game Insight at the official Web site:


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Game Insight Announce Rule the Kingdom for Android

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Game Insight Announce Rule the Kingdom for Android

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Game Insight Announce Rule the Kingdom for Android

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Game Insight Announce Rule the Kingdom for Android

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