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[] Melbourne, Victoria -  Tatts Lucky Numbers "On Google Play" lets you Generate the most likely drawn numbers for Powerball, Tattslotto and Oz Lotto. It is the only mobile device app that allows the user to use the most likely drawn winning numbers and also works on most overdue and least drawn numbers increasing your chances of the winning combinations and not those lowsy numbers the lotto agencies give you.

This app idea was thought of by a resident of Melbourne Australia who has a love of playing tattslotto. The app has had over 400 downloads so far with some great results one being of $7,000 a division 2 in Australia.

What makes this app so different? Playing the same numbers week after week is a poor strategy. If you played the same numbers every week for 100 years, you would not increase your chances of winning. In today’s world everything is based on stats which is what this app has been developed on. It has stats of previous draws, what numbers were drawn, patterns in numbers, which numbers come up after a certain amount of weeks, which combinations are more popular. All these factors are based on this app.

The other cool thing about this app is it’s totally FREE. A lot of websites claiming to have the winning system charge you to download their software. The app is very small and quick to install, is lightweight you select your desired game then tap the generate button to get your numbers.

Beats sitting at the local lotto agency trying to figure out numbers to use, I know I’d rather have an app on my smart phone instead of waiting for a browser to load. The one other positive thing is it’s available for residents of all countries.

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