GreenPower Battery Saver is Ready Keep You Connected Longer!
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[] Oslo, Norway -  Norwegian based Binary Mango today announces the release of a newly updated version of GreenPower battery saver for all Android devices. A uniquely effective battery saving utility, the app helps users automate their device’s operations to run smoother and make their batteries last longer. GreenPower battery was recently overhauled to fix some major bugs and improve overall operation and is ready to enable Android users to get the most out of their devices now.

Binary Mango AS, an innovative mobile software solutions development studio, is excited today to announce the launch of a newly overhauled version of GreenPower battery saver onto Google Play. Compatible with all android devices, this battery saving tool gives users the power to automate their device’s operations so that they’ll run more smoothly and improve battery life. Among the many new improvements to debut in GreenPower 9.0 are customizable app “blacklisting” functions that enable users to stop specific apps’ data use, together with much lower overall CPU & memory use, and improved performance. This utility doesn’t stand apart from its competition simply due to its uncommon effectiveness, and the power it gives users to do it all without forcing them to navigate through manual settings pages or burdensome GUI’s.

GreenPower battery saver is insanely easy to use, so much so that users won’t ever have to worry about setting and resetting it to ensure their phone’s operations are power & function optimized. The only click they have to make is the one that gets the app onto their device! Though it’s a completely free device productivity solution, users can make the switch to a paid premium version of GreenPower that comes complete with all features unlocked and boasts an even higher 4.3 star user rating from over 50K loyal app shoppers. With its recent overhaul GreenPower Android users are now set to get even more performance out of their devices. The app is currently available for download on Google Play in the Productivity category. GreenPower Premium is available for $2.90.

This product’s developers aren’t relying on open-minded app shoppers to see whether GreenPower battery saver is actually effective. The app has already amassed over a million loyal users who have loudly attested to its real-world practicality via GreenPower battery saver’s impressive 4.1 star user rating. Furthermore, this power optimization system boasts a level of effectiveness that users’ devices can have power for up to twice the time they normally would! Supporting use in 21 global languages, GreenPower battery saver is better than ever and is ready to keep your phone or tablet turned on now!

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Founded in Norway, Binary Mango AS is the brainchild of G.Pouzerate, a French software engineer with 15 years of experience in the IT industry. Fully committed to the mobile industry, Pouzerate aims to continue creating new mobile solutions for tech savvy consumers and grow his development studio to match his ambitions. © Binary Mango AS 2012. All Rights Reserved. Google, Google Play, and Android are registered trademarks of Google Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.


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GreenPower Battery Saver is Ready Keep You Connected Longer!

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GreenPower Battery Saver is Ready Keep You Connected Longer!

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GreenPower Battery Saver is Ready Keep You Connected Longer!

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