Guys, Hang onto your ladies - My Virtual Boyfriend Has Arrived on iPhone.
Nevada,  August 15th 2011, in  All App News,   

[] Las Vegas, Nevada -  WET Productions is pleased to announce that My Virtual Boyfriend, has been approved and is now available on the iTunes app store. From the Creators of the hit iPhone game: My Virtual Girlfriend, comes the eagerly anticipated male dating simulation game for iPhone and iPad - My Virtual Boyfriend.

My Virtual Boyfriend is a dating simulation game that features a unique blend of male characters with varying personalities and physical appearances. It is a universal app that runs on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

My Virtual Boyfriend Features:

- 20+ levels of progressive game play
- A unique dating system picks guys that match to your tastes
- Customization, change his hair, clothing, face, even his name
- Interact with him via gestures, actions, activities and by touch 
- Over 100 actions and activities you can do together 
- Personalities that mirror typical and often funny, male behaviors 
- Thousands of lines of clever, funny and flirty dialog keep it entertaining 
- 3D graphics allow you to navigate the camera for 360 degrees of viewing
- Earn achievements and rewards
- Universal, Plays on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

"With My Virtual Boyfriend, we went way beyond what we did for our previous app, My Virtual Girlfriend. We added more clothing options, and customization, you can change everything, the hair, face, clothing, and colors. We also pumped up the character stereotypes to add more personality." Said Mike Amerson, President of WET Productions. "We have one guy in there- the alpha male, He's a bit of a d-bag. Always controlling and only giving backhanded compliments when he's at his best behavior. We also countered his type with a "nice guy", for the ladies who complain that all the nice guys are taken. You know the type of guy who reads off lines from poems, always agreeable and compliments way too often? That's him. There is also the Urban male, the Metrosexual and even a Geek. Every lady is familiar with one of these types of guys at some time in her life and will chuckle a bit when she plays the game as she can identify with them.

Device Requirements:
iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch
72.5 MB

Pricing and Availability:
My Virtual Boyfriend is available at a launch price of just $.99 and available August, 15th, 2011 worldwide, exclusively through the app store on iTunes, in the entertainment category. Review copies are available upon request.

My Virtual Boyfriend Website
Purchase URL (Full version)
YouTube Video
Purchase URL (Lite version)
WET Productions Inc.

Founded in 2003, WET Productions Inc. is an independent Micro-studio, game developer focused on iOS mobile devices. The company strives to make unique games that have broad appeal. Copyright (C) 2011 WET Productions, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.


Mike Amerson

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Guys, Hang onto your ladies - My Virtual Boyfriend Has Arrived on iPhone.

Posted August 15,2011 at 21:46 on iPad News Tracker

Guys, Hang onto your ladies - My Virtual Boyfriend Has Arrived on iPhone.

Posted August 15,2011 at 21:45 on iPhone & iPad AppDictions - App Reviews & App Marketing

Guys, Hang onto your ladies - My Virtual Boyfriend Has Arrived on iPhone.

Posted August 15,2011 at 21:45 on Android AppDictions - Android App Reviews, App Marketing, News, & Updates

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