Hangul Match Puzzle Game for Android
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[MobilePRwire.com] Vantaa, Finland -  Educational puzzle game for learning Korean Hangul alphabet.

Indie game developer Black Sushi Studios has released Android version of their successful educational iPhone-game.

Korean entertainment has become very popular around the world. Thanks to things such as Korean TV dramas and KPop more and more people are getting interested in learning the beautiful Korean language. Traditionally studying the Korean Hangul alphabet has been quite an ordeal requiring people to play with flash cards. These cards also offer little help on proper pronunciation. We solve all these problems with Hangul Match, a game that makes the learning process very unique, fun and rewarding. No other app has yet offered all this is one package.

In Hangul Match you pair a Hangul character with its Romanized translation. You hear the proper native speaker's pronunciation with each character. This helps you to learn what kind of sound each character represents. Player is taken through all consonants and vowels in level-based game modes, teaching new character every few levels.

Six challenging game modes:
* The Easy Consonants: Play through 58 levels and unlock all 19 consonants.
* The Mighty Vowels: Play through 63 levels and unlock all 21 vowels.
* Classic: Unlocked characters are used to test your skills, make no mistakes!
* Survival: Battle against 30 seconds timer with your unlocked characters.
* Blitz: One minute time limit with all 40 Hangul characters. How good are you?
* Sound Match: Listen to pronunciations and match correct characters.

Other Features:
* About Hangul browser for additional help on pronunciation
* Clear pronunciations by native Korean female

Device Requirements:
* Android 4.0+ (Phones & Tablets)
* 21 MB Storage space

Pricing and Availability:
Hangul Match is available in the Google Play on the June 21st, under Games/Brain & Puzzle category. Price is 1,99 € / $2,66 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies)

Purchase URL

Black Sushi Studios is a very small indie development company from Finland. It was founded in August 2012. One of our goals is to make useful and unique games that help people learn Asian languages such as Korean and Japanese.


Toni Kilpeläinen
Developer, Founder

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