Its Official Models Do Have a Brain
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[] Sydney, Australia -  What do you think of when you see the words “fashion model”? Great looks, no brain. Although this is the popular cliché, the fact is that the most successful models understand they are in business and need a good amount of business nous to survive. This article takes a sneaky peak at the apps you’ll most likely find in a successful model’s iPhone.

Pretty faces are a dime a dozen. Relying on photographers and agents to run their life is not enough for those who want to get ahead. Like any self employed and highly motivated person, being organized, in the loop of the latest news and on top of everything will keep them in full throttle, well ahead of the competition who all believe that original cliché themselves.

Let’s take a sneaky peak into what apps you’d typically find on a successful model’s iPhone.

Model. (Kitegirlapps) - When an agent pays a model they automatically generate an invoice on the model’s behalf. This iPhone app allows the model to keep track of the jobs they’ve done, see what net total they’ll get after commission and check the jobs off as they are paid.

Itrans NYC Subway (Adam Ernst) - Whichever city a model is located in or heading for, timetables and maps of public transport are crucial to get around go-sees, auditions, shoots and shows. Apps like this give you the routes, street maps and times of arrival into each station.

Calvetica Classic (Mysterious Trousers LLC) - A model cannot live without a well organized and detailed calendar of appointments. Calvetica allows for time zone support, pop up notifications with a snooze button, color coded events, multiple calendars and integration with iCal and Google.

My Style Fashion Assistant (New Vision Interactive LLC) - an easy to use wardrobe organizer and trip planning packer. Models can use this to swipe through photos of garments to build their next audition outfit or plan what to pack for a trip.

Marie Claire (Zinio LLC for Hearst Communications Inc.) - This is a free app with in app purchases to buy monthly digital issues of Marie Claire fashion magazine. There are articles with matching videos a paper magazine can’t offer, plus all the superb tips and photography you’d expect from a top class magazine. Particularly impressive on iPad.

Kitegirlapps Job Tracker Software for iPhone
Model iPhone app
iTrans NYC Subway iPhone App
Calvetica Classic iPhone App
My Style Fashion Assistant iPhone App
Marie Claire iPhone App

Kitegirlapps is run by Kitegirl Annabelle Drumm, a Business and Life Coach for professionals working in creative jobs. She offers online group training teaching the business side of a creative career to newcomers. For established professionals and celebrities she coaches one-to-one sessions on career management and relief from work burnout stress.


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Its Official Models Do Have a Brain

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Its Official Models Do Have a Brain

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Its Official Models Do Have a Brain

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Its Official Models Do Have a Brain

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