Itzy3d updated with 3 new game modes, upgraded visuals, tweaked gameplay
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[] Edmonton, Canada -  tzy3d updated with 3 new game modes, upgraded visuals, tweaked gameplay and a free level. Itzy Interactive has introduced a massive update to their debut title, Itzy3D. Itzy3D is available on the Iphone/Ipad and Android marketplaces in both free and paid versions with download links available on

The new update brings several key features and gameplay tweaks that fans of the game had asked for. Three new gameplay modes (Casual, Action and Frenzy) bring a different experience to the world of Itzy3d depending on your skill level, with Casual mode allowing a more leisurely experience compared to Frenzy which ups the resources available to our spider hero while simultaneously increasing the enemies Itzy must face. All game levels also received rebalancing depending on game mode. New gameplay elements allow players to take a more aggressive stance towards Itzy’s foes as his web resources can now be used for building and for delivering devastating web Splat! attacks. Itzy3D also received a visual makeover of its menu system and to the game itself.

Kyle Kulyk, Co-Founder of Itzy Interactive: “When bringing Itzy3D to the Iphone, we had to balance quality with file size in order to keep under Apple’s 20 mb over-the-air cap and to make our title available to more users, which proved challenging with a 3d title. This lead to visual compromises we were never entirely happy with and we’re excited with Apple’s decision to raise the OTA cap. We immediately started work improving the game’s look while implementing changes our fans asked for to bring more action and variety to Itzy3D. We’re pleased with the results and are always eager for any and all feedback that can help us make our titles even better.”

Users can also now unlock the Cemetery level for free by sharing game achievements with their Facebook friends.

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Kyle Kulyk
Co-Founder/Lead Developer

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