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[MobilePRwire.com] Penang, Malaysia -  The team behind mobile9 launched JazzMyApp.com to be the Pinterest for mobile applications. It is designed for users to share and discover trending apps with a click of a button.

JazzMyApp (http://www.jazzmyapp.com/) - the Pinterest for mobile applications - lets users easily share and discover awesome apps with a click of a button.

With over a million apps available, finding good apps remains a challenge for consumers. JazzMyApp aims to solve the app discovery problem by highlighting trending apps with help from bookmarklet, a little browser tool popularized by Pinterest.

"JazzMyApp users can 'pin' apps from any articles on the Internet using our bookmarklet. On top of that, we automatically pull in recommendations from over 100 blogs including TechCrunch, The Next Web, Mashable and many others. With the two combined, we hope to help users discover the most talked about apps and app deals. Our users are able to discover trending apps even before the native app store lists them." said Patrick Ooi, founder of JazzMyApp and mobile9.com.

To get started, users have to connect their Facebook account with JazzMyApp. Once done, install the "Jazz App" bookmarklet by dragging and dropping the button onto the bookmark bar. When users jazz from an app store or website, JazzMyApp automatically grabs app and features it on jazzmyapp.com for other users to follow, re-jazz and comment on. As users start jazzing, the apps will go to their personal jazz board, making it easy for them to organize all their favorite apps in one place. Users can also browse through other users' collections and add to their own jazz board. It builds an enjoyable journey through sharing, exchanging and discovering awesome apps.

JazzMyApp, the best place to find the most talked about apps. Ready to join the talk? http://www.jazzmyapp.com

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JazzMyApp.com - Pinterest for Mobile Apps


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