Justin Bieber Farts iPhone App - Fart Machine & Soundboard
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[MobilePRwire.com] San Diego, California -  619Apps.com of San Diego, CA announced the release of a new app called Justin Bieber Farts - Pull His Finger - Fart Machine & Soundboard for the iPhone, other iOS devices and Android devices. This app is comprised of actual Justin Bieber sound clips and fart noises. So, whether you love him or hate him, this app is for you and is bound to make you or your friends laugh out loud. Just the combination of the fart noises and his voice clips are reason enough to get the app.

We all love Justin Bieber, and we all love how funny he can be. Now you can have the Justin Bieber "Fartboard" that will make you and your friends LOL and ROTFL! This first version is a hilarious compilation of 18 fart sounds with Justin's real recorded sound clips and more to come in future updates.

According to AppStar Weekly, Justin Bieber Farts iPhone App is “One of the most hilarious soundboard apps” and A&G Publications, Hollywood CA considers the app “a must have app for Bieber Fans!”

You can now take advantage of "Justin Bieber Farts" app for limited time offer of 50% off.

JUST ADDED: "Bieber Soundboard"
A new feature to make your own Bieber sayings. Tap the buttons in various orders and make Justin say gut busting things.

-JB Fart App Gallery, view the images used in this app and email them to your friends or post them on Facebook.

-Facebook connect, share this app and screenshots with others on Facebook or by email.

-JB Facebook Fan Page, connect with Justin and post comments or read the latest news posted to his Facebook page.

-JB Twitter Page, connect with Justin on Twitter, read his latest tweets, retweet his tweet, or go ahead and tweet him directly.

-JB YouTube Page, watch Justin's latest videos, view his most watched videos and comment on them.

-JB iTunes Music Connect, view the latest albums and songs from Justin. Listen to samples or by his newest album.

All trademarks and copyrights are owned by their respective owners. This app is not endorsed by, or affiliated with, Justin Drew Bieber, or his entities.

Copyright 2010-2011 619Apps.com. All Rights Reserved.

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Justin Bieber Farts iPhone App - Fart Machine & Soundboard

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Justin Bieber Farts iPhone App - Fart Machine & Soundboard

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Justin Bieber Farts iPhone App - Fart Machine & Soundboard

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