Line Defense: Breakout & Missile Command in a mobile twist
Attica / Greece,  December 15th 2016, in  All App News,   

[] Nikaia, Attica / Greece -  'Line Defense' released its major update. The game was first released on the App Store late August of 2016 and got a double feature by Apple under "Games We Love" and "What We Play Today".

Line Defense v2.0: “Insane joyride with just one line that you draw with your finger”

The alien menace strikes without remorse. Starting for the major cities of each country, they will finally reach yours as well. Missiles - bombs, comets, bosses, motherships and mini games! You are in a position, just with one finger, to protect the earth in a game so simple, so easy to understand and so addictive that no one has created until now.

Legal Radiation, an independent game development team, announced today the major update of the free-to-play ‘Line Defense’ on Apple’s App Store (iPhone, iPod, iPad). The game was first launched late August 2016 and got featured by Apple under “New Games We Love” and “What We Play Today”. Version 2.0 is more mature and entertaining than ever!

Line Defense is a game you can just pick up and play. It offers classic arcade game-play experience that mixes mechanisms inspired from Fruit Ninja, Breakout and Missile Command. New York, Moscow, Honk Kong, London, Paris, Athens, Dubai with their characteristic monuments are some of the cities that the player is called upon to save with his finger. Swipe to draw a line that blocks incoming missiles, bombs, asteroids, and alien ships and protect international cities in the story mode or save submarines forces and defend the planet itself while playing in mini games.

What makes Line Defense attractive?
• Simple one finger swipe control.
• Unique power-ups, bosses & Motherships.
• Collect crystals and get special upgrades for your line (cannons, radar, shield etc.).
• 10 colorful maps & Survival mode.
• Amazing original soundtrack with dynamic in-game music.
• Easy to play - no tutorial needed.
• Includes 30+ achievements.
• Game Center Leaderboards Support.

What`s New In Version 2.0
• 10 more levels, 5 new enemy types and more power-ups!
• MINI GAMES! Play for fun and rewards with surprising twists to the basic game-play.
• Second Chances! Retry from the point you lost.
• Sell back all your upgrades and rearrange your defense strategy!
• NEW weapon (upgrades): Super Sonic. Send waves to destroy enemies.
• Redesigned Upgrades Shop, more convenient and easy to use.
• Re-balanced difficulty curve.
• More music loops added.

Overall: A brand new super fun experience!

Press Kit (Screenshots, more Info)
Free Download URL
GamePlay 30sec Video
Youtube Trailer

Legal Radiation is an independent game development team situated in Greece and it was founded in 2008. Its members come from software design and multimedia environments and their professional activities span 20 or more years. The purpose of the team is to produce high quality products regardless of market, platform and price bracket.

In the past, Legal Radiation created the mobile game "Tap Disc" which was recommended by Τ1, TUAW, CNET, MacWorld, PcWorld, App Spy, Gamezebo, App Advice etc.


Stam Sarris
+30 6973 024 12

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Line Defense: Breakout & Missile Command in a mobile twist

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Line Defense: Breakout & Missile Command in a mobile twist

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Line Defense: Breakout & Missile Command in a mobile twist

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