Lola's Alphabet Train - Top-Selling Kids Game Now Available Free
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[] Tampere, Finland -  All aboard the Alphabet Train! One of the top-selling kids’ letter games – Lola’s Alphabet Train – is now available free for Android devices in the Google Play Store. The game is perfect for children aged 3 to 8 who are starting to learn their ABC and also for those who already master some words. Lola’s Alphabet Train has been among the most popular kids’ digital games globally in since its release in 2010.

Lola’s Alphabet Train is the easy, fun way to learn letters and spelling. Kids start with the simple Touch the Letter mini game and then advance to the memory game. Finally, they practice what they have learned with the challenging Drag and Drop letter games. The game has intelligent game logic (AI) which enables kids to play always on right difficulty level.

At an age when children are hungry to learn and retain new information, Lola's Alphabet Train provides a learning tool that stimulates curiosity, exploration and discovery. Parents will see toddlers gleam with feelings of accomplishment as they triumph over each challenge with Lola Panda, with increasing confidence and self-esteem. Lola's Alphabet Train is an engaging platform for children to learn on their own as the improved game logic in the app helps bolster retention of newly learned material. As an added bonus, Lola's Alphabet Train also includes four foreign languages for children to experience and wrap their minds around.

"Lola's Alphabet Train is a wonderful learning tool for young children, as it has been designed to enhance and refine cognitive abilities," says Mika Heikinheimo, CEO of BeiZ. "By fusing certain game-play elements with learning, it can ignite interest and engagement amongst young children, making the learning experience a lot more appealing than it would be otherwise."

Key Features of Lola's Alphabet Train:
• Five exciting alphabet and spelling games designed according to educational principles
• Three difficulty levels for children aged 3 – 8
• AI follows player’s performance to keep the difficulty level suitable for the player’s skills
• A friendly voice to guide kids through the game
• Easy to use child-friendly design that even the youngest can enjoy.
• Opportunity to learn new languages (English, French, Spanish, German and Dutch)

Download link from Google Play Store
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BeiZ is a game studio that concentrates on providing enjoyable educational solutions and non-violent games for children and adults. BeiZ also assists its partners in publishing their games and mobile content. BeiZ has its headquarters in Tampere, Finland. Please visit for more information.


Teemu Riikonen
Marketing Manager

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Lola's Alphabet Train - Top-Selling Kids Game Now Available Free

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Lola's Alphabet Train - Top-Selling Kids Game Now Available Free

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Lola's Alphabet Train - Top-Selling Kids Game Now Available Free

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Lola's Alphabet Train - Top-Selling Kids Game Now Available Free

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