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NxtApp 4 Kids a Smart New Math Game on App Store - Get it 50 Perc

Jul 10, 2011 - To celebrate the launch of NxtApp 4 Kids, smart new math game for iPhone and iPad, ICON is offering a limited-time 50% discount. NxtApp 4 Kids was recently featured by Apple in the first spot as "New and Noteworthy" on iTunes for Kids and Educational games categories. The iPhone Mom writes:"NxtApp 4 Kids is a smart app for mental math. I also like how it’s encouraging the mental math skills while children are having fun, thinking they’re playing a game."

Math by WagMob Hits 10,000 Paid Downloads on Android

Mar 22, 2012 - By focusing on serving the customer, WagMob has built the most downloaded paid Math reference on the Google Play Android app market. Updates based on customer feedback and continuous innovation have helped WagMob develop a brand of reference apps that customers love.

Spinlight Takes Home Two Parents Choice Awards!

Mar 30, 2012 - To win one award in the Parents’ Choice Awards would be a significant accomplishment for any company. But this year, Spinlight Studio walked away with two, earning the respect of a foundation that’s been setting the standard for children’s media for almost 35 years, and cementing its place among the world’s top educational app developers.

Learning Bunnies: Math - Edutainment Game for Android

Apr 05, 2012 - Joy Aether today is glad to announce "Learning Bunnies: Math" for iOS and Android. It is a new smashing math game with a lovely Easter theme, which teaches young children ( from kindergarten to grade school) additions and subtractions.

Trigonometer for iPhone - Trigonometric Values On Easy Way

Apr 06, 2012 - AppetyLabs has announced the release of their first iPhone app - Trigonometer - simple tool to get to know precise values of essential trigonometric functions. Product is mainly directed to students. The app stands out from a very clean and a professional designed interface but also from the ease of use. It's one of the simplest tools that can heavily simplify the student's life. Trigonometer helps during the homework's, schoolwork's, math lessons and exams.

Vicinno 15C Scientific Calculator Launches Significant Updates

Apr 26, 2012 - California based Vicinno Soft, LLC has released 15C Scientific Calculator 1.7 for iPhone and iPod touch, a powerful emulator for the well known HP 15C Scientific Calculator. Identical in every aspect, the app provides a perfect emulation of the layout, functions, algorithms, capabilities, and key sequences of the original. One of five calculators in the 10C series, The 15C was the most advanced scientific calculator in the line.

Math Run for iOS and Android: A Fun Math Game For Kids!

May 10, 2012 - Frisky Pig Studios is proud to announce the release of Math Run for iOS and Android. Math Run is an educational and action packed math game designed for kids and adults. The goal of Math Run is to make the process of improving your math skills an entertaining and competitive experience.

Math Evolve, The Best Kids Math App Now Available on Android

Jul 13, 2012 - InterAction Education is bringing its revolutionary learning game Math Evolve to a wider audience. Math Evolve is launching today on Android phones and Tablets at a special discount launch price of only $0.99 (50% off). The app has been hailed by parents and teachers as a "revolutionary" learning tool for children, and was awarded Best Educational Game of 2011 (2nd Place) in the Best App Ever Awards.

iWorldApps Proudly Presents Practice Mathematics 2

Sep 21, 2012 - “Practice Mathematics 2,” is aimed at 7 to 11 year old children, as well as parents and teachers of these age groups, and indeed anyone looking to revise this level of mathematics. “Practice Mathematics 2” is exclusively available on iPad, and is on sale now in the App Store, priced at £1.49 for UK users and $1.99 for those in the United States, although the app is available for download by Apple customers across the world. A reduced functionality free version of “Practice Mathematics 2” will be released in the near future.

Fun Math Game for iOS App Helps Children Learn Math

Nov 12, 2012 - MathFileFolderGames.com is releasing today an exciting new math app for the iPad, iPhone, and iTouch that is meant to help students practice essential math skills while enjoying a fun game. The app, entitled 5 Dice: Order of Operations Game, is a math app for middle school kids that will help them enjoy practicing their order of operations skills. We are math teachers creating simple math games designed to help students to make sense of mathematics a concept at a time.

Middle School Math Game Now a Two Player Game with Bluetooth

Feb 03, 2013 - Updated to include a Bluetooth two-player game mode, 5 Dice: Order of Operations Game is available for iPhone/iTouch/iPad and lets two people in the same room play together. Designed for upper elementary and middle school students this new feature makes it easier to play the game in a classroom setting, so students can work together to solve problems and teachers can track their progress.

Grid Lines: Battleship-style Math App Used to Teach Students

Apr 16, 2013 - Grid Lines is a Battleship-style math game used to teach students the coordinate plane by plotting points in all four quadrants. Bluetooth compatibility enables players to play fun and challenging math battleship type games against one another using their Apple iPhone, iTouch, or iPad.

Math Heroes vs Dragons aims to turn children into champions

Jul 24, 2013 - With school starting in just a few weeks Math Heroes vs Dragons provides an entertaining way for students to get back in mental shape.

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