MicroHeroes Come to Life on Android!
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[MobilePRwire.com] Birmingham, England -  A collection of original, beautiful and inspirational applications have been released onto the Android platform! MicroShakespeare, MicroGandhi, MicroConfucius, MicroLincoln and MicroChurchill on your phone! Enlightenment with a smile!

MicroHeroes are a collection of heroic characters from history that have suddenly burst back into life onto the Android platform! These inspiring heroes have been re-animated by MicroMadHouse, a UK based software developing company, into cute, loveable cartoons that guide their users with spoken words of wisdom and enlightenment! MicroHeroes is one of the most original apps to be created onto the mobile phone market place!

The interactive characters, all unique in their personalities, speak their quotes in authentic voices with a simple tap on their face. They laugh when they are tickled, and dance to their background music with a tap on their feet. In a similar manner to the popular Talking Tom, these characters are highly interactive but also provides a unique feature - real time advice! The characters give the user gentle advice on their daily activities with a magic 8 ball style shake of the screen! Each character gives upto 15 different advices to the question that is posed to them.

A trivia section allows the user to get to know the character in more depth, answering questions about their life and receiving responses from the character themselves on their performance.

Furthermore, each character comes with 5 background wallpapers for the Android phone, allowing the inspiration to transcend throughout the phone. A short biography of each character is also available to read to remind the user of the importance of their historical influence on the world.

These MicroHeroes will soon become close companions on the Android and each MicroHero can be followed on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. #microheroes

A Lite version is also available for free from the marketplace, with a limited supply of quotes, trivia questions and the advice feature disabled.

The Android is a now more enlightened and peaceful platform with the introduction of these beautiful heroes!


MicroMadHouse, an original mobile software design house!


Saqib Noor

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MicroHeroes Come to Life on Android!

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MicroHeroes Come to Life on Android!

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MicroHeroes Come to Life on Android!

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