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Mobile PRwire is a press release distribution service that covers iOS and Android related news. We are proud to announce that we now have a new WordPress Plugin you can use to immediately post the latest news directly from Mobile PRwire. This means that you will always have fresh content loaded to your site and you will no longer have to copy and paste a release which wastes a lot of time for busy bloggers.

Using this Plugin gives you the following benefits:

  • Select the news you want and that's relevant to your blog
  • Select from iOS, Mac or Android News. Then dive even deeper into their channels.
  • Automated posting of news stories so you can "set it and forget it"
  • Easy configuration so you are up and running fast
  • Saves countless hours weekly!!
  • No hassle of first registering on our site. Do it right from the Plugin

Here's how to get the most out of the new Mobile Importer WordPress Plugin:

Once installed, enter some basic information about yourself (First Name, Last Name, Email Address, and Website). Then generate your activation code. Next you can conveniently select the type of news you would like posted to your website. Mobile PRwire has three news categories to choose from iOS, Mac, and Android. Each news category has multiple channels. Select one channel or all channels either way our plugin gives you that flexibility. At the bottom of each category the Plugin gives you the ability to assign a WordPress category to store your news. For example if you selected to receive all iOS and Android news you might not want both news types posted to the same area of your site. Use WordPress categories to organize the news we send and where it gets posted on your site.

Import Settings

  1. Publish Settings - These settings automatically pull releases and post them either as draft status or as a published article.
  2. Date Settings - This setting will set the publish date either as Mobile PRwire's post date or the date you publish the article
  3. Tag Settings - Tag settings allows you to use the tags that are listed on Mobile PRwire or your own tags. You will manually have to add tags to each article if you select the "use your own tags" option.


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Sending A Press Release Easy & Intuitive
The process to submit a release was fairly easy. Often times, submitting releases to PR agencies can get cumbersome since each company has a particular process in which their submission process works, however, MobilePRWire made sending a press release intuitive, easy and within minutes.
- AsSeenOnPhone

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