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[] Zurich, Швейцария -  MapsWithMe has announced the release of the Pro version of the popular MapsWithMe app in the Google Play store.

Providing detailed offline maps for all countries around the globe, MapsWithMe Pro offers travelers ultimate peace of mind that they always have access to maps on their mobile devices without ever having to depend on a fickle or expensive internet connection. In addition, the Pro version has a built-in search feature which is also completely offline.

With MapsWithMe Pro, users can access the maps for any country, city or town in the world with amazing detail and integrated into one simple app. And they never again have to worry about being without access to an internet connection.

How is it done? Utilizing a special data compression technology which enables the squeezing of all the geographical data, the business database etc. on to the relatively small storage space of a user’s mobile phone. This unique technology results in breathtakingly fast map rendering during zooming-in and zooming-out. And avoiding any more of those grey squares!

Offline search, available only in the Pro version of MapsWithMe, helps users to locate the countries, cities, streets, restaurants, hotels, banks, parks, ATMs, cinemas etc. that they need, all at the touch of a button. There is even an auto-suggest feature to make this search process even faster and easier for the user.

MapsWithMe is useful not just for city travelers but also recommended for hikers, cyclists and for anybody who travels regularly and needs detailed offline maps of the whole destination country.

“MapsWithMe Pro in Google Play is not just a map; it’s a must-have tool for every traveler, giving them the confidence they will always know where they are during their travels”, says Alex Zolotarev, MapsWithMe CEO.

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MapsWithMe provides detailed offline maps of all countries of the World.


Alena Miranovich
Marketing Director

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