New iOS Contest Doodley Gets Over 3000 Submissions In First 24hrs!
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[] Los Angeles, CA -  Los Angeles, California - Mention Mobile, creators of the new hit social game Trivia With Facebook Friends, has just announced the release of Doodley, it's social doodling community & contest available for all iOS devices. Within just 24 hours of its release, the app received over 3000 doodle submissions. Doodley provides "doodlers" of all abilities to participate in a worldwide drawing contest for prizes. It also allows users to receive instant feedback on Doodles from the community.

Doodley offers a variety of fun and engaging features giving users the ability to show off their creativity, artistic abilities, and sense of humor. Each week the Doodley team asks users to doodle a prompt such as, an angry pirate, a party penguin, a fat chef, a favorite celebrity, and much more. Doodley gives users the ability to purchase traceable hints, amazing stamps, & backgrounds related to each week's prompt. Using advanced stamping technology, Doodley provides users with the ability to size, rotate, and place stamps & hints with the use of two fingers.

Aside from the contest itself, Doodley is also a community in which doodlers can submit and share Doodles amongst Doodley friends. Rate, share, & view doodles submitted by your closest pals. The app also lets users share Doodles on Facebook, Twitter, and through email. Assigning ratings to doodles submitted by users is also a fun and engaging way to enjoy Doodley. Prior to starting a Doodle, users must view and assign a star rating to other Doodles that have been submitted.

"By creating Doodley, our goal is to give Apple device users of all ages and walks a life a way to share and express their creativity and artistic abilities. We know that drawing high quality art on touch devices is a challenge, but doodling and having fun, is easy. At Mention Mobile the goal is to create fun & engaging social apps and Doodley is a true example of that." Says Ryan Ozonian, Founder and CEO of Mention Mobile. "Doodley is not just for artists, it is a lighthearted community and contest for everyone."

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Mention Mobile is a young innovative development company that specializes in casual social gaming on mobile devices. Founded in November 2010 by Ryan Ozonian, a So-Cal Native who previously developed a variety of Facebook games and applications, Mention Mobile's creative vision combines the online social landscape with casual gaming developments. Ryan was later joined by Kory Jones, an Emmy award winning entrepreneur who's redefined the graphics in live sporting events for Fox Sports, CBS Sports, ESPN, NFL Networks, MLB Networks and Sky Italia. Currently, Mention Mobile is an eight man team located in Los Angeles. Copyright (C) 2011 Mention Mobile, LLC. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.


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New iOS Contest Doodley Gets Over 3000 Submissions In First 24hrs!

Posted August 03,2011 at 18:30 on iPhone & iPad AppDictions - App Reviews & App Marketing

New iOS Contest Doodley Gets Over 3000 Submissions In First 24hrs!

Posted August 03,2011 at 18:30 on Android AppDictions - Android App Reviews, App Marketing, News, & Updates

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