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[] Bangkok, Thailand -  Picsoft Studio announces the immediate release of the latest version of their run/jump/fly game, “Chubby Jump”. The new update provides several improvements including the Game Center features. The game tells the story of Roundie, the bulky reindeer, who has mission to collect all the gifts that fell off Santa’ sleigh while he must avoid the puffins and polar bears. Fortunately, he has unique abilities and items to help him along the way. Chubby Jump features delightful graphics and gameplay.

An indie developer, Picsoft Studio, announces the release of the latest version of Chubby Jump™, a run-jump-fly game with non-violent theme which provides several improvements including the Game Center features. The game is already available in the App Store for $0.99.

Chubby Jump tells the story of Roundie, the overweight reindeer who can’t fly fast like the others. That’s why he got special mission assigned by Santa to collect all the gifts that fell off his sleigh. Roundie will meet the foes like puffins and polar bears in his arctic adventure. Fortunately, he has many special abilities and items to aid him along his journey.

Player can control Roundie to run, jump and fly with a very simple one touch control. The game features bonus jumps system that rewards player when he can let Roundie hops over the second, third, and fourth enemies without any touch.

The game has level up system called “Rank”. Each rank has 3 missions to challenge the player. After he completes every mission for a rank, Roundie will gain unusual but useful abilities as a reward.
Chubby Jump contains delightful graphics, funny characters and a lot of joys in a tiny size download. It is a fun for the whole family.

Chubby Jump Features
* Help Roundie fulfill his tasks by using only “one touch” control.
* Run, jump and fly your way to collect more and more gifts.
* Hop over Puffins and Polar Bears that keep hindering your journey.
* Buy funny but useful items to help you progress; such as Soap, Snow Shovel and Metal Bucket.
* Unlock special abilities like, Magnetic Nose, Snow Kick, Ear Wings and Mighty Antlers.
* Skillfully execute your jumps to unleash the legendary “Moon Dash”!
* Game Center supported with Leaderboard and Achievements.

Chubby Jump Website
App Store Link
Trailer Video (YouTube)

Picsoft Studio was established in 2005 as an independent game development studio with the aim of creating fun and revolutionary games. Picsoft Studio has developed and self-produced several games, including such notable titles as Disc Devil and BoostLife: Let’s Exercise, receiving praise and a number of awards. Picsoft Studio has released Tiny Defense as their first iOS game.


Wam Sangrattanamanee
Creative Director
(+66) 2 694 356

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