Nightmarium for Android: Shaking with Fear!
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[] Krasnoyarsk, Russia -  Game Garden has announced the launch of a new game Nightmarium, which is available for Android smartphones and tablets on Google Play.

Game Garden has announced the launch of a new game Nightmarium, which is available for Android smartphones and tablets on Google Play.

The gamers are expected to help the defenseless sleeping girl escape from nightmares. They will come face-to-face with bloodcurdling creatures and fight through frightening places created by a mysterious and devious imagination.

Nightmarium features the unique gameplay - nightmare monsters could be killed by swiping, tapping and shaking and anything could turn into a powerful artifact. Simple, everyday objects in the real world can be very useful in the dream world. Artifacts, weapons and tools are all around, but gamer should be keen and clever to know what is useful as he battle the horrible beasts. For example, a teddy bear is protecting the girl and a desk lamp is burning everything around her. There are a lot of different ways to fight nightmares - but the girl has to stay asleep at any cost.

* 6 insane and dreadful places, including a bonus location!
* 10 frightening monsters that could only have come from a nightmare!
* special artifacts to you help battle these beasts!
* 20 different achievements, 7 of which are hidden
* on October 30th, on Halloween itself, the world of Nightmarium will be entering your dreams!

Pricing and availability:
Nightmarium is compatible with Android smartphones and tablets (Android 2.1 or later) and is free to download.

Official web-site of the game:
Download link
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Company website

Ceation of great games — is what we know and what we care for!

Our experience and the knowledge of proper product positioning have made us one of the most fast developing companies in the Russian social network games market.

Our team, an ideal combination of youth and energy — a group of enthusiastic professionals with the experience of dozens successful projects, and that is what makes the company Game Garden one of the most promising ones.


Ekaterina Murmylo

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