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[] Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic -  Innovative BIG Launcher mobile app brings smartphones to the visually impaired.

BIG Launcher for the Android smartphones is the unique user interface replacement optimized for seniors and people who are visually impaired. The application features big buttons and large fonts for all the basic functions of the phone - calling, SMS messaging, camera, gallery and applications launching. Moreover, the SOS button allows automatic dialing of a pre-defined number or the sending an emergency text message with GPS coordinates.

“Even for users without any disabilities BIG Launcher offers fast and simple interface for using all the functions of the phone and quick access to favorite applications. Thanks to the new downloadable themes everyone can customize it to match his needs. 100% accessibility not only allows blind people to use the phone, but it’s also practical when driving a car with phone attached to your dashboard”, said Jan Husak, co-founder of BIG Launcher.

Other key features of BIG Launcher allow users to lock the settings menu with password to avoid any unwanted changes in the launcher and system settings.

“Really, BIG Launcher a unique and essential tool for all technically challenged users, allowing them to use any Android phone without being worried if they break anything or get lost in menus”, Jan Husak concluded.

BIG Launcher is optimized for accessibility; it is compatible with screen readers and can be also controlled by physical buttons. Also, the app includes different color schemes, some of them are developed specially for people suffering from Retinitis Pigmentosa, Cataracts and other eye diseases. BIG Launcher is the winner of the Vodafone Smart Accessibility Awards 2011.

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BIG Launcher Team is a company behind the BIG Launcher mobile app.


Jan Husak

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