QuoteMail - Something New for Android Phones
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[MobilePRwire.com] Irvine, California -  WEB MASTERS is pleased to announce QuoteMail for Android phones. QuoteMail inspires users with specially selected quotes. QuoteMail encourages by sharing with friends, colleagues, and the Facebook commuity. QuoteMails are specially composed from the users preference's by the QuoteATron.

WEB MASTERS is pleased to announce the release of QuoteMail for Android phones. QuoteMail provides users with beautifully composed pictures and quotes chosen from a vast database of over 200,000 unique QuoteMail combinations. QuoteMail displays stunning images and inspiring quotes from the QuoteATron, a software engine, which utilizes the user's preferences to provide quotes specially created for the user. In QuoteMail, there are no precanned or generic quotes created by a designer, writer or editor. The QuoteATron takes the users setting's and picks quotes and images from its huge database which fit the users preferences.

When QuoteMail is initially launched the user is presented with a 'Settings' page. Here the user selects their age range, gender and one or more of several categories of quotes such as Daily Life, Encouragement, or Humor. The user also enters their name and email address which enables the sending of properly formatted QuoteMails. Entering a Facebook mobile email address is optional. Once this free email address is entered the user can post QuoteMails to their Facebook account. QuoteMail user settings are only saved in the mobile device so all settings are totally confidential.

After tapping 'Save Settings' the user receives their first QuoteMail. To view another QuoteMail, tap the screen at any time.

When the user sees a QuoteMail they like, they can email it to themselves to save or print by tapping the 'Send' button. On the 'Send' panel the user enters the name of the recipient, their email address, and a message. The user can also search the contact list on the Android phone for a name and email address which will be entered on the 'Send" panel. Posting to Facebook is done by simply tapping the 'Post to Facebook' button.

"WOW! This is really fantastic," writes a QuoteMail user.

"When I acquired a smartphone, I wondered how this device could add value to my life. With the release of QuoteMail, I provide a tool for encouragement and inspiration," says Kurt Schuster, president of Web Masters. "But that's not all. You can also reach out to your friends, family, colleagues and Facebook community with something inspiring, humorous, or encouraging."

Feature Highlights:
* Dramatic pictures accompany quotes
* Perfect for Facebook
* Add your own messages to QuoteMails
* Interface to your Contact List
* Daily Inspiration
* Humorous Sayings
* Beautiful pictures
* Famous person quotes
* Easy to Use

QuoteMail contains quotes from famous and infamous persons throughout history. With a collection of over 200,000 QuoteMail combinations, every user will find something appropriate for themselves and their friends. QuoteMail contains quotes from Plato and Socrates to Mark Twain and Groucho Marx to Martin Luther King, Jr. and Mother Theresa, representing topics such as Encouragement, Inspiration, Humor, Relationships, Faith, and Daily Life.

Pricing and Availability:
QuoteMail 1.0 is $1.99 (USD) and available through the Android Market in the Lifestyle category. Review copies are available to qualified persons upon request. Customized versions of QuoteMail can be arranged for your organization by contacting support at QuoteMail.org.

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Located in beautiful Irvine, California, Web Masters is an independent software company founded in 1996 by Kurt Schuster. Leveraging his longtime experience in custom programming, today's focus is on developing applications for mobile devices utilizing the most modern technology available. Copyright (C) 1996-2011 Web Masters. All Rights Reserved.


Kurt Schuster
(949) 861-3331

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QuoteMail - Something New for Android Phones

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QuoteMail - Something New for Android Phones

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