Renowned voice instructors Susan Carr and Wolf Carr release iPhone App
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[] Nashville, TN -  'The Art of Screaming – Create Your Own Vocal Warm-up' makes their celebrated techniques available to all artists

Renowned vocalists and voice instructors Susan Carr and Wolf Carr have made their successful singing techniques available in a new instructional iPhone app. With combined experience of 45 years, Susan and Wolf teach acclaimed Seattle, Portland and Los Angeles musicians how to produce the sounds they want, protect their voices, and develop their singing stamina. Now, with The Art of Screaming-Create Your Own Vocal Warm-up, Susan and Wolf are making their celebrated singing methods available to all genres of singers at the Apple Store.

Many musicians struggle with challenges: a hoarse voice, throat pain, loss of falsetto, or difficulty in trying to hit high notes. The Art of Screaming-Create Your Own Vocal Warm-up addresses these concerns with an iPhone app, allowing the busy on-the-go musician access to comprehensive singing lessons wherever or whenever they need them.

With the choice of beginning, intermediate, and advanced level expertly crafted exercises, The Art of Screaming-Create Your Own Vocal Warm-up includes 30 instructional videos with a piano accompaniment for each vocal exercise. Users are able to create their own personalized vocal warm-ups to use before they take the stage from categories including head voice, head belt, chest, falsetto, blending, controlling air flow, strength, breathing exercises, and a bonus scream section as well as an S.O.S section if your voice is in trouble.

Through their extensive experience as teachers and performers, Susan and Wolf know firsthand the technique required to perform night after night without hurting your voice. They have translated this knowledge into a user-friendly, professional app that makes the artist feel as if they have a vocal coach in the room with them.

Susan and Wolf’s students have received many accolades including Grammy Nominations. Their list of clients include: Modest Mouse, The Fleet Foxes, Mastodon, Alice in Chains, Minus the Bear, Yacht, Biohazard, Grizzly Bear, Yob, and Sunny Day Real Estate.

The Art of Screaming-Create Your Own Vocal Warm-up app is now available for only $12.99 at the App Store.

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