Return to Castlerama will hit the App Store Fall 2012
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[] Rome, Italy -  Codenrama announces the Fall 2012 release of Return to Castlerama, a new FPS adventure game for mobile devices that is the follow-up to 2011’s popular “photorealistic walk” Castlerama. The new game features the same exceptional image quality, as yet unsurpassed on mobile platforms, complemented by fascinating characters involved in an intricate story-line.

Key features of Return to Castlerama include:
• A free roaming FPS adventure with 9 spectacular scenarios
• Multiple weapons for numerous foes, challenging quests, desperate chases, unusual riddles and… a chance to try one’s luck on a game of chance
• An unfolding epic story
• An enthralling original musical score
• Stunning 2D-art collectables
• Runs on most iOS devices: all iPads, iPhone 3GS or higher, iPod Touch 4th generation or higher
• User controlled frame-rate and optional unrated content (gore scenes)
• Powered by Epic Games Unreal Technology

Codenrama says that Return to Castlerama will be the first act of a three-part Fantasy game set in the Gorendal Valley, a mysterious region with an intricate subterranean system of caves, tunnels and underground rivers. The valley is wedged between the Eumenitian Mountains and the volcanic complex of the Ganur, whose crater hosts a marsh system called the Great Muddy, that is in turn surrounded by the putrid Mudwood forest.

The game’s convoluted story-line revolves around the conflict between two clans: the Methonasts – militarized land-owners who currently rule – and the Volpedos – traders, adventurers and thinkers. The action sees the emergence and development of opposing conspiracies, activities of esoteric sects, and breeding-grounds of revolt. In addition, hanging over the region’s idyllic towns and villages like a dark cloud is the plan of the necromancer ArtaSerses XI, who aims to literally unleash hell on earth.

The protagonist, a young apprentice adopted by the town’s herbalist, accidentally learns his true identity and discovers he is predestined to lead the fight to save humanity from the evil ArtaSerses.
To meet his destiny he will have to embark on a quest, using his courage and intelligence to resolve numerous enigmas, discover tools and evidence, defeat terrifying beings, and conquer the trust of a group of women.

Game site
YouTube Trailer
First released demo
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Founded as a computer vision research lab in Rome and Milan, Codenrama produces photorealistic videos for the film, advertising and entertainment industries, combining a passion for computer art with a relentless quest for precision. Codenrama successfully ventured into the gaming arena in 2011 with Castlerama, a “photorealistic walk” for Apple mobile devices that has now evolved into Return to Castlerama, a rich and varied FPS-adventure game featuring spectacular scenarios, an intricate epic story with fascinating characters, and vibrant original background music.


Michele Bohm

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Return to Castlerama will hit the App Store Fall 2012

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Return to Castlerama will hit the App Store Fall 2012

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