Robotic Guitarist has reinvented itself
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[] Miranda de Ebro, Burgos/Spain -  The successful guitar app Robotic Guitarist has been rewritten for scratch for its 5.0 release in a major upgrade with many and better new features. It is developed by Pedrocorp, the brand name of a solo developer.

Robotic Guitarist is both a guitar emulator and music toolbox for guitar players and musicians in general and a fun and enjoyable musical playground for everyone. It runs on Android-powered devices. Using this app does not require a background on music. It is designed in such a way that anyone can start playing from the first second getting good harmonious music.

User can pick sounds from a large categorized set which includes a number of kinds of guitars and playing modes and the sounds of all sorts of musical instruments to make the guitar sound like those.Funny and exotic sounds are included too, like those from animals.

Furthermore, several sound effects (like reverb, echo and flanger) and guitar distortions can be enabled, expanding the expressive possibilities.

Robotic Guitarist's first version was released on 2009 and since then it has gained a lot of loyal users, having got up to 1.5M+ downloads.

Recently the 5.0 version has been rolled out on Google Play and it is a total reinvention:
- rewritten from scratch;
- more responsive and fluid than ever;
- new powerful features like sound FX and distortion;
- renewed Material Design UI;
- etc.

It features in-app purchases to get more sounds, effects, etc., but the bundled functionality is enough for most users.

Supported Languages:
* English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Japanese

Device Requirements:
* Android OS 4.0.3 or newer

Pricing and Availability:
Robotic Guitarist is Free and available worldwide through the Google Play store in the Music & Audio category.

(VALUED AT $5.95).

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Pedrocorp is the brand name of a solo developer (Pedro J. Estébanez) based in Spain. For some projects the team grows a bit, specially for the visuals/artwork.

Founded in 2012, Pedrocorp has released some titles for Android and iOS mobile devices. His most ambitious product is a guitar emulator called Robotic Guitarist, with 1.5M+ downloads.

His future plans include releasing some games (one of which is in advanced development status) and keeping improving his already released apps.


Pedro J. Estébanez
Sole developer

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Robotic Guitarist has reinvented itself

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Robotic Guitarist has reinvented itself

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Robotic Guitarist has reinvented itself

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Robotic Guitarist has reinvented itself

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