Shedding Light on Mobile Marketing
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[] Quebec, Canada -  How does a mobile app reaches the top of the AppStore? How do you stand out from the tens of thousands games available? This is what Molecube asked itself a few days away from launching its fourth game, Justin Mac Fart. By launching the blog, they are exposing the other side of the coin by applying strategies popularized by marketing experts and benchmarking their efficiencies. A real case study to help out the developer community and just about anyone trying to market their product.

Leap of faith
By shedding light on its creative and marketing process, Molecube is aiming for total transparency. “We are applying the most popular marketing tips given by experts and reporting successes and failings. As far as I know, no company has been this open”, explains Jean-Daniel Tanguay, Molecube CEO.

Worldwide competition
In the mobile gaming world, which includes over 90 000 developers, the competition is worldwide. “Nowadays almost anybody can launch a mobile game but the challenge is getting your product noticed among the 500 000 applications available on the AppStore”. With a basic internet search, it is easy to find marketing tips... but with Justin Mac Fart and the Experiment, we are hoping to report just how efficient they really are”, adds Mr. Tanguay.

Justin Mac Fart, Monsieur Monsieur’s gassy alter ego
By reusing the intuitive gameplay found in Monsieur Monsieur, their latest 5 stars AppStore release, it became possible to quickly create a test subject for the Experiment. Monsieur Monsieur evolved into Justin Mac Fart, a casual platformer for mobile devices. “Basically, we are showcasing a super detailed marketing experiment... based on a character that uses farts as a mean of transportation” concludes Mr. Tanguay. On Tuesday March 6, iPhone, iPod and iPad gamers will be able to download the game from the AppStore.

Will Justin Mac Fart reaches its goal? What results will these strategies yield? Visit to find out more about this powerful marketing experiment.

The Experiment
Press Kit

Based in Quebec City (Canada), Molecube is a mobile game development studio with 3 years of experience. With its small team of 6 individuals, it pride itself on building fun and addictive games that anyone can enjoy.


Jean-Daniel Tanguay

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Shedding Light on Mobile Marketing

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Shedding Light on Mobile Marketing

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